Narrative Essay on Makeup

I'm not an easy person to satisfy. Tending to be oddly critical of my life experiences and always analyzing both the black and white of every situation. However, makeup from luxury celebrity brands...…

Words: 1252
Pages: 5
Todays Version of Beauty Essay Example

Alessia Cara released the music video to her song "Scars To Your Beautiful" on July 11th, 2016. The meaning behind this song goes much deeper than just something catchy to listen to on the weekends. A…

Words: 682
Pages: 3
Skin Care Essay Example

When starting into the skin care world, the one thing you should always remember is less is more. You don't need a 9 step routine, especially in the morning. The 2 main purposes of a morning skin car…

Words: 492
Pages: 2
Essay About Pretty Privilege

I first learned that life was unfair when I learned about pretty privilege. The idea of pretty privilege is people will generally treat you better on the basis of if you're attractive or not. Pretty p…

Words: 600
Pages: 3