Conestee Nature Preserve Essay Sample

There are many national or state parks throughout the country and each has it's own story. Conestee Nature Preserve is the same. It is a story of recovery that has resulted in one of the most beautifu…

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Pages: 2
Plastic Pollution Essay Example

Microplastics, as the name implies, are tiny plastic particles. Officially, they are defined as plastics less than five millimeters (0.2 inches) in diameter--smaller in diameter than the standard pear…

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Trash Free School Essay Sample

As stated by Charles Moore "Only we humans make trash that nature can't digest", even at school lunches. An everyday school lunch may include your sandwich in a plastic bag, a juice pouch, a bag of ch…

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Essay Sample on Carbon Emissions

As our world industrializes further, we are faced with perhaps the foremost problem our civilization has ever faced: the degradation of earth itself. Our forests are becoming smaller, our water source…

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