Feature of Character

Essay Sample on Bravery

From time to time everyone has felt fear. From feeling shivers to facing a lifetime scare. Fear can get in anyone's way when an individual is trying to achieve a goal or achieve anything in general. B…

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Essay Sample about Self Doubt

Like a cancerous mutation that spares no part of your precious body as it travels and wreaks havoc on your organs, self doubt leaves you crippled and lifeless, after its dirty work is complete. Unlike…

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Reflective Essay on Narcissism

Narcissism is a word that has been repeatedly thrown my way by my mother, friends, grandparents, and uncle. In recent years, I've went through the phases of having the close father daughter bond slowl…

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Charisma Essay Example

Last month I had to present a speech about an invention. During this speech I had all the information I could possibly need and was ready to present it. When presenting I spoke in a monotone voice and…

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