Essay about Brown v. Board of Education

While America has a long history of prejudice against people of color, there have been many advances in recent years to ensure that racism and discrimination are not prevalent in modern-day America. A…

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Pages: 4
The Second Amendment Essay Sample

The second Amendment has been corrupted over the years and instead of using this to protect yourself, it's more often used for violence! The second amendment can be misinterpreted and it often is. The…

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Roe v. Wade Case Analysis Essay

The Supreme Court's decision in the Roe v. Wade case eliminated the controversy of whether or not abortions were safe procedures for women to have. The Supreme Court divided pregnancy into three trime…

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Essay About Dr. Kevin Koo

One positive aspect of Dr. Koo's participation in the R v Vaughan (2022) case was how she defined her suitability as an expert witness. Specifically, Dr. Koo stated that she has produced peer-reviewed…

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13th Amendment Essay Sample

I choose to do my story on the 13th amendment and how impactful it was to all parties involved. Before the amendment was passed society was rough for African Americans. The amendment wasn't the first …

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Law of Peace and the Law of War Essay Sample

When we hear the word peace, we usually think of a period of harmonious, peaceful coexistence after the war. Political ideologies generally condemn war, but make warfare a duty in "exceptional circums…

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The Patriot Act Essay Example

It is the community's role to assure the government meets the needs of its citizens for the common good of every individual. If these expectations are not met the government would not stay in power lo…

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Standing for the Flag Essay Sample

Could you imagine risking your life for others' freedom only to find out that they don't appreciate what you did? How would it make you feel to see hundreds of people kneeling in front of the flag you…

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