Admission Essay: Homestead Sports Medicine

I am interested in the Homestead Sports Medicine internship because getting more involved with the athletes at Homestead will give me a better understanding of the sports medicine profession. I've bee…

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Pages: 2
Essay About Limited Face-to-face Classes

In today's world, students are sick of facing the same cycle of today's distance learning modality. The effects of self-learning modules on students' mental health are growing more serious day by day.…

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Application Letter: TJMC

This is my application for section leader for the upcoming TJMC season. I'm definitely not the best player in TJ's percussion, and I'm not even close to being the oldest. Then, why should I be picked?…

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APUSH Exam Reflection Essay Sample

When I walked into the AP Exam, right away I noticed that my confidence level was very low. As I progressed through the multiple choice, free response, and essay questions, I had a good grasp on the m…

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Essay On Homework Becoming Too Much

Students are stuck sitting in school for around 6 hours a day. Then, they still have more work to come home to. A survey from Stanford University concludes that 56% of students say that homework is th…

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