Writing a Graduate School Essay Sample

During the time that I was pursuing my undergraduate education, I decided early on that I would make it my goal to continue my studies after receiving my bachelor's degree. Though, a bachelor's degree…

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Pages: 5
Application Letter to Louis-le-Grand

Dear P. I have been working for some time now towards a goal of my own. As an aspiring surgeon, my aim is to benefit from the best education and preparation possible that would put me in the best co…

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Essay Sample: What Makes Good Writing?

English is a very important subject that can be extremely valuable in all areas of life. It is important to understand how to write effectively, so you can communicate using any type of media, whether…

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Essay Sample: Approaching Academic Writing

Headed in the right direction is where I would say I am in my writing journey. I believe I am on the right track. I felt successful with a few of the assignments this semester. It is probably safe to …

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