2021 Internal Scholarship Application

Exemplifying a school’s motto means to show what the school has to offer, what it can help students with, its strengths but also, its weaknesses. When reflecting upon how I personally contribute to this school and the community it has built around me for the past 13 years, I think of every year that has allowed me to become more confident in who I am. Everything from going to school on my own for the first time to being able to stand up in front of my class and present all by myself. 

Being a part of St. Margaret’s for almost 13 years, I have learned a lot about the importance of showing school spirit in the societies around us. Whenever I participate in an event organized at school or simply wearing my uniform at the dentist shows my pride and gratitude towards the school. 

Through the many electives I have taken through the years, I have been able to expand my ability to learn new skills such as: sewing; cooking; baking; wood working; applying for jobs; and taking leadership opportunities. With these experiences, I have been able to use the skills that I gained to help me work a little bit. One way that I have shown service to my community in the past is helping little girls how to do bhangra. This is a type of Indian dance that I have been doing for a few years now. Showing off my leadership skills, I was very fortunate to help these young girls learn how to dance! Knowing how to be a leader is an important skill to have in life and after being able to be involved in courses that allow me to practice these qualifications will help to prepare me for opportunities that will come by in the future. 

It is important to take part in some extracurricular activities and sports as well. Since Grade 3, I have participated in a lot of clubs such as: cross country, track and field, basketball, robotics, swim club, outreach, green club. These are only the ones in school too. Even though I have only stuck with basketball today, I still tried pretty much everything that was available to me and that is the most important part. 

In conclusion, I am so grateful to come from a supporting community that has given me multiple chances to show what I am capable of doing and the opportunity to try new experiences in order to be successful.


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