A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theatre Review

Recently I saw “A Christmas Carol” directed by Todd Waite, at the Alleys Theatre. The show was great; I enjoyed it a lot. It was about a grumpy man named scrooge who hates Christmas and always ruins it for everyone. Everything from the production to the acting was amazing and done well even though it was online.

The setting was their own home since they couldn’t perform in an actual theatre. Since it was their home they didn’t put as much effort into how it looked. They put up one or two decorations to make it look like the setting in that scene. I didn’t like it, it felt like the same scene every single time. They were in the same spot whether sitting or standing, it didn’t feel brand new. Especially in the scenes where Scrooge was being transported by the ghosts. He stayed in the same room with no decorations. 

Moreover, the costumes were good. Depending on the scene, the costumes changed. In some scenes, the women wore dresses from the 19th century and the men wore suits. In other scenes, they all wore raggedy clothes except scrooge who only wore pajamas and his suit. I liked all the costumes, they fit each scene very well. If the scene was fancy then they all had on fancy clothes, if the scene was dirty then they all had a dirty costume look. The clothes made the scene better because the clothes fit the scene. 

Apart from the costumes being great, the acting was also great. The actors and actresses knew how to portray their characters very well. I felt the emotions that the character put out. Whether it was sadness, happiness, or an anxious feeling. Like when Scrooge told his work that he couldn’t see his family for Christmas, I felt the sadness the worker felt. Some parts I cringed, like the romance part between scrooge and belle, that part felt very awkward. Other than that the actors communicated well through their characters.

Even though it took place online it was great. I felt as if I was in an actual theatre. The convos went smooth, all the actors communicated as if they were in the same room. The way they all looked on-screen was amazing. Usually, when performing online you have those little pixels. They prevent you from being able to see the screen clear. During this play, I was able to see the screen clearly. Also with the special effects, they were able to make many ghosts that had a frightening face. They were able to work out a lot of things on the internet.


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