A Dark Age Essay Example

A Dark Age Essay Example
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

The best alternative name to fit the Middle Ages would be a Dark Age. The reason being that among all the many advancements during this era, there are so many that went on that broke down people, and the age. Many ages had their ups and downs, yet, this age seems to have had a lot of awful things happen. During this age, many things had devastated the government, the population, and people of religion. The Middle Ages were defined by many lawless invasions, a plague, and attacks against churches and Christians.

The Middle Ages had invasions begin to sweep over the South, and Eastern provinces. These ‘barbarians’ laid waste to fields, sacked towns and villages, and burned the churches while leaving with a crowd of captives. Trade no longer existed, all that was left was an unwavering terror. People began to leave and go into the depths of the forests, or to inaccessible regions. Many even took refuge high in the mountains. It was at this time when it seemed that society no longer had any government. (1) Barbarians had gone and destroyed everything, no longer caring about laws the government had put into place. This is what caused all the fear and panic in the people as well as caused them to leave. They left a trail of destruction that began to widely spread across the South and the East, it was then the government had no control.

Around the early to mid 1300s, a terrible plague known as The Black Death began to spread in Europe. Victims of this horrible plague died almost immediately. The effects of this plague were swelling beneath the armpits, and groin, even falling over while talking. Families everywhere were affected, fathers, wives, brother after brother. It was as though this sickness would strike through breath, even sight. This illness was so major there was absolutely nothing you could do, and watch your loved ones die. Nobody could be found to bury the dead for neither money nor friendship. Household members brought their dead loved ones to a ditch, without a priest, and without a ceremony. Multiple places in Siena had great pits dug with a multitude of the dead. People died by the hundreds, day and night, all thrown into ditches and all covered with the earth. When a ditch was filled, another was dug. A man named Agnolo Di Tura lost his five children. Five children, buried by their own father’s hands. So many people had died that people began to think it was the end of the world. (11)

During this time, it seemed Christians had a bit of a rough time, especially in the Middle East. The Turks and the Arabs had attacked and conquered the territory of Romania. They continued to occupy more and more of Christian land. They killed and captured many of the Christians that lived there. They destroyed the churches and devastated the Empire. (9) They devastated the Christian community, ruined their land, and demolished their churches over and over again throughout the land.

The Middle Ages were devastating times for millions of people, many people died, much respect was lost, and a lot of land was taken. This isn’t a very fond time to look back upon and is a sad era of our world to look back upon. The Dark Ages is the best name for this time of true darkness for mankind, and is a name that reflects upon what happened at the time.

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