A Day in the Life of Me, But Older

A Day in the Life of Me, But Older
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📌Published: 13 March 2021

Waking up before the sun at 5:30 every day is a struggle but it's the only free time I get these days. I wake up, take a boiling hot shower, fix up my curly blonde hair, and do my natural make up before heading downstairs for my coffee and a kiss from my husband. Black coffee completely disgusts; me. It's like someone mixed dirt and water so I only fill the glass with a little coffee and the rest with some kind of milk or creamer. By now it's usually about 6:15 and we have to wake up the twins for school. They are extremely light sleepers so they wake up as soon as they hear that door creak open, I guess that makes our job a little easier. They get themself changed, while I start to make breakfast. After coming downstairs and complaining about how bad my cereal making skills are they hop on the bus to school. My husband and I then say our last goodbyes before work and then we head our separate ways.

My commute to work is a pretty long drive but it's all worth it, having the best job in the world. An Interior designer! All-day I go visit houses and offices that need some spicing up. I came up with a plan on how to make these spaces more appealing to the eye. Today I am off to the lobby of a new hotel to see what I can do, add a pop of color, or even a new plant to the corner. After seeing the extremely bland hotel lobby and taking some notes it was lunchtime, I got a chef salad from my favorite restaurant, McAlister's, I have been getting the same order from there since I was 10. 

Today was an early-release day for the twins so I went over and picked them up. They said that they had history class today and they learned about Covid-19. As soon as they said that vile word I started traveling back in time to masks, zoom, and 6 feet apart. They would ask me how old I was when the pandemic hit. I told them all about it, how online school worked, how you couldn't see your friends, and how everyone expected to only be out of school for 2 weeks but that 2 weeks turned into months and months on end.

When we got home the girls went off to start their homework and I started designing the lobby of the hotel I visited today. For the walls I went with a light grey almost white but not quite and a lot of fake plants to decorate with; they may be a lot but they just spoke to me. After a few hours of working I turned on the TV and my husband came home to cook dinner. He cooked a delicious lasagna, which filled the air with a flavorful smell, and a caesar salad, this was a favorite that everyone could agree on. The girls told their dad what they learned at school that day and he just looked at me and started laughing. He couldn't believe that Covid-19 had already hit the history books. He too told him all about his experience with the pandemic and all of his stories.

After devouring our dinner we sat and chose a show to watch as a family. An extraordinary fact about my kids is that they love the shows me and my husband watched as a kid like Austin Ally, Jessie, Goodluck Charlie, and all of the other old Disney shows. So we pick our favorite, Suite life on deck, and watch until it's about 8:30. After the entire family bonding over shows, it was time for the twins to take a shower. After getting out of their hot shower just like their moms they put on their pajamas and went off to bed, but not before giving mom and dad some hugs and kisses. 

When the kids go off to bed I and my husband have our daily blueberries and whipped cream dessert while continuing to watch whatever show we were watching with the kids. Once we devoured the desert it was our bedtime. We brush our teeth, wash our face, and get right into bed.

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