A Discussion on the Characteristics of Young People in Todays Society

A Discussion on the Characteristics of Young People in Todays Society
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📌Published: 12 April 2021

Generation by generation each decade's youth has always made their own mark on the world, some through visual arts such as Walt Disney, or award-winning fictions that transport you to a different world as J.k. Rowling, Harry Potter. What is important to remember is not what they have built upon these many years, but that these were once dreams, their dreams in their youth that they were possibly at one point discouraged from pursuing due to the notion that them becoming adults meant parting with their inner child, and putting on a mask of maturity to blend in their new adult world. In reality no matter the persons maturity level their childhood will always bring them nostalgia and a love for the characters, dolls and figures that filled their bedroom walls as children.

The recent shift in adults seemed to happen all at once as suddenly there was a resurfacing of love for all things Pac- Man, Mario, and Princesses, through this shift may have been overnight to the naked eye pop culture has always copied itself and what people enjoyed as children they are likely to enjoy as adults. Once the previous generation has a love for a certain character, such as Mickey Mouse they are likely to reintroduce the character to their children and others usually for nostalgias sake, and for their children to have as many great memories with that character as many did as children. This generational tie encouraged by pop culture regardless of the style, genre, or content provides a glue between generations to bond and think in terms of similarities instead of divides; that carry fragile topics like what maturity and what adult hood looks like, because it takes no one form. Although from each decade issues change the narrative of each person's outlook on life the simple message remains that in remembering these childhood loves brings happiness and an opportunity to bond with the next generation in familiar ways and provides a bridge from past youth and what they have accomplished regardless of struggles and to what today's youth could do with their future at their fingertips.

Current youth as with every new decade can be characterized with change and rebellion towards previous standard outlooks on what being an adult should entail, leading to the rise of different multimedia outlets founded by these same people expressing their own truth of what adulthood is to them. This evolving perspective gives opportunity to adults to empathize with their younger counter parts; to lead by example and provide guidance through a shared love of something. Unity through this shared love whether it be through music, comics, or animated shows provides an open forum of sorts for bonding between ages to begin from a place of love rather than highlighting negative differences. This understanding developed from mutual love of different multimedia encourages people to be responsive to children's emotional needs, usually reminiscing of their failed role models as they were coming of age. In addition, while receiving mentoring roles this time around adults can include their individual experiences of what maturity, responsibility and individual growth meant to them to aid youth’s understanding that becoming an adult is more than bills and a career.

For many their childhood and teenage years not only influence their personality as adults such as likes or dislikes, but also play a role in each individual’s possible lively-hood, romantic partners, and aspirations. Many of us that have been charmed by fictional characters, whether it be by their spirit, courage, or kindness often idolize certain traits as a guide to what they would like to become as adults. This creates a new way of thinking, one that relies heavily on what can be improved form the last generations mistakes or triumphs. Therefore, once these individuals become adults what they used as children to help them cope and de – stress they will look for to help them as adults. Without the restrictions of childhood, adults are able to reflect on what decisions made them who they are and in turn they are able to create a different world for youth everywhere through education, art, and environment. This pattern of behavior has caused many prominent artists and storytellers such as Jim Hensen, and Hayao Miyazaki to create content geared towards children of all ages in their likeness for youth of all generations to have characters similar to them to look up to.

In conclusion while children and adolescents need their own healthy space to become healthy minded individuals that succeed in adulthood, the content that fills their promising youth is created by adults in -touch with their inner youth. This bond transcending through multiple forms of media and decades of people only reinforces the idea that adults should have a better understanding of today's youth and attempt to relate to them and their issues and concerns as they once had the same concerns. All in all, the idea that adults over the recent decades have become more in touch with the dreamer part of themselves may be true, but as examples provided above state it can only hope to continue to provide happiness for both adults and youth alike.

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