A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen Analysis

A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen Analysis
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It is true that any obstacle or disadvantage can be turned into something positive. In a negative situation there is always a lesson that is learned, or a goal that is achieved. This idea is supported by aspects of “A Doll’s House” and the road to the Revolutionary War. “A Dolls House”, a play by Heinrick Ibsen, proves that an unfortunate situation can have a fortunate outcome. The play tells the story of Nora Holmes and her quest for personal independence. Nora’s situation at the beginning of the play seemed promising. Nora was married to Torvald, had two children, and had a stable financial situation. However beneath the facade, Nora’s life was not satisfactory to her. Torvard treated Nora as a child and did not respect her opinions as an adult. After a particularly harsh incident in which Torvard threatened her position in the family, Nora knew that she had to leave permanently. She either had to continue to endure the pain and emotional distress caused by her husband, or learn from this obstacle and use it to achieve her goal. When Nora finally left, she walked into her new life as an independent woman.

The events that unfolded on the path to the Revolutionary War, support the thought mentioned above. At the start of the process, the colonies were a group of separate entities under the rule of Britain. Each colony led an individual existence and grew and prospered under British rule. However, after a number of happy years, the British decided to tighten its hold on the colonies. They limited the freedoms of the colonists with acts such as the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and Townshend Acts. The colonists were outraged at this sudden removal of freedoms which they felt were rightfully theirs. To overcome this obstacle, the colonists knew they would have to join together and unite against the common enemy. When the colonies Declared Independence, they were no longer a group of separate entities, but one United whole that went on to become one of the Strongest Nations.

Any obstacle or challenge can be looked at from a positive angle. The examples mentioned above prove that there is always something positive that can result from a negative situation. We should look at challenges not as unfortunate experiences, but as chances to improve ourselves and our lives.

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