A Girl Called Fearless by Catherine Linka Book Review

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  • Published: 08 May 2021
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“Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make the wrong decision, you’re making it for a good reason.” -Adele This quote shows how you have to be strong  and you can’t have something/someone affect you. In this book “A Girl Called Fearless” by Catherine Linka it shows the theme of freedom and love. There is characterization ,plot, and conflict that shows that freedom and love is the theme.

The characterization that is shown in the book is that “You may fall in love many times, but try to marry only once. Choose the man who thinks you are beautiful just the way you are, who wants to hear what you have to say, who urges you to follow your heart.” She is saying that we need to just be ourselves and we don’t have to change for someone else. That someone will love for you and for how you look and how you act without having to change. She is also saying that no matter how many times you fall in love, find the right person that will treat you right and care for you correctly. If you are really in love with a person then know that “Love is confusing. Your heart may race when you’re together, and ache when you’re apart. You will share secrets, and reveal your inner selves. You may feel he’s the only one who truly understands you.” She is saying that yes, it can be confusing but if you are in love with this person then you might feel like that.  

The biggest part of the plot is when her dad signed her over to someone else to marry against her will. “ I need to tell you that I’m going away. Father Gabriel’s helping me make a run for Canada.” Her dad sold her for money so he can save his business but she doesn’t want to be married to a 37 year old man that also wanted her best friend Dayla, so Avie decided to run. She has to go by herself to Canada and figure out how to cross the border without getting caught and sent back home,  or even worse having to stay there in jail until someone can get her out. “A woman carrying a red purse comes into the store. You go into the dressing room where she hands you a change of clothes. She distracts the owner,and you disappear out the back into a white Prius.” Yates Avie’s other best friend is telling her the escape plan for her to go to Canada, so she can escape being signed off to marry someone she barely knows. Yates was supposed to drive her to the border but Father G told him because it would be safer that someone else drove her.  She is scared out of her mind of what can happen.  If she gets caught, she might never get to go back to the US and see her best friend Day, her dad, and especially Yates.

The conflict being shown in this story is that girls are getting sold and there were women who unknowingly had cancer and died. “ The reason they cited was their inability to provide adequate security for women on campus. They say until they can ensure the safety of female students, they cannot house or provide instruction for them.”  They are not allowed to go to college because the synthetic hormone in beef killed fifty million American women ten years ago. Lets elaborate, what happened before?  The campus admins  want to just keep them safe. All US schools are closed for women but the schools in Canada are not closed but Avie dad would never allow that.lets reword this. She wants to go to where her best friend is since she ran away to not be sold by her dad. Another big conflict in this book is that fathers are selling their daughters to older, richer men for them to marry.”you sold me!” Avie’s dad sold her for fifty million to a 37 year old man named Jessop Hawkins that is rich and whoever he buys should be happy. She wants to find the one and love them for a choice and not to be forced to love them.

In conclusion she is fearless because of everything that is going on around her life. She is wanting her freedom and love and that is what she is getting. The theme is getting shown throughout the story by the characterization, plot,and the conflict of the story.


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