A Pirates Tale

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  • Published: 08 May 2021
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“Come on kids, time for bed.” said the old man. “ but grandpa, I don’t want to go to bed.” replied the child. “Look, buddy, how ‘bout I tell ye a story, a story about the most feared pirate in all of the seven seas.” The kids ears perked up, as he was about to hear the story of a lifetime. “ Long ago, amongst the bustling streets of barbados,there was a little lad named Edward, he was quite like yourself,” the boy smiled, “seeking fame and fortune, to “revive” his family's name. But he wondered, how?” Edward had been working as a bartender to help pay for his family's rent. Ever since Edwards mother died, his dad had succumbed to the bottle and he ruined their once good name. “Oy lad, go n’ fetch me some whiskey.” “Ok, I’ll be there in a minute”, replied Edward. As Edward was fetching the whiskey, he overheard some men talking about a magnificent treasure that could give you anything you have ever wanted. Edward, being intrigued by the thought that he could finally make his family name once great again, asked, “ How may I find this treasure?” A prestigious man in the community, Sir Robert Williams, said, “ Edward, you don’t actually still believe in fairy tales  told to you by the town drunk,do you? You wouldn't want to embarrass your family's name anymore than  it already has been.” “ How dare you talk about my family like that!” replied Edward. Robert said, “ And what are you going to do abo…” before he could even finish his sentence,Edward punched him straight in the nose, knocking him down like a bag of rocks being dropped to the floor. Robert,scurrying away said, “ boy, you have made a big mistake, they will have your head for this one!” The town drunk tapped Edward on the shoulder and then said, “ Here, this is the name of the last man that knows the location of the map, he lives in a small town in Paris called Sceaux, take it and find that treasure, ya hear boy.” “ Thank you sir, you will not regret this.” Edward responded. Now the only problem was, how was Edward going to get to paris? He doesn’t even have his own ship or crew, and since the whole town is looking for him there is no way  he can escape, or so he thinks. Edward soon has an epiphany where he realizes that he can stow away in some cargo on the cargo ships, so that is exactly what he does. He goes over to the loading bay where all of the cargo is going to be transported onto the ship. As Edward is sneaking about, looking for a cargo box that he might fit in, he notices a guard. Edwards is usually not the violent type, but considering this is his only way out , he grabs one of the loose floorboards and hits the guard over the head, knocking him clean out. Edward then said, “sorry chum, it had to be done.” Then he proceeded to jump in the box and now all he had to do was wait for someone to load him onto the ship.  After about a 3 hour wait, Edward finally got loaded onto the ship, headed to who knows where. Edward went three days without eating and he repeatedly vomited on himself. After finally docking Edward looked through his peep hole and saw they were on a familiar island, possibly Port Royal, or Clew bay. It’s kind of difficult to see your surroundings when you are stuck in a box. Though right as Edward was peering through the hole, one of the crewmates checked if the cargo stayed intact, and to his surprise there he found a man stowing away. The crewmate shouted, “ Oye, look what we get here lads, a stow away in one of our cargo. What do ya think we should do wit’ ‘im?” “ I say let's eat ‘im!” Another crewmate shouted. “Nice idea, Charles, he’ll make a marvelous stew, haha,” the crewmate chuckled. Though before they could grab him Edward jumped up from the box and dashed into a bar, where he gave one of the men the hat he had been wearing and told him to put it on. The man, not thinking anything of it, put it on, and you best believe that when the crewmates came in, they fell for the bait and took him. Edward smirking in the corner whispered to himself, “ stupid pirates.” Edward then came to the conclusion that since it was dark out and he had no money, he should sleep with the horses on a haystack. Surprisingly the haystack “ bed” was one of the more comfortable things he had ever slept on.


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