A Separate Peace By John Knowles Essay Example

A Separate Peace By John Knowles Essay Example
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This passage is a significant moment in the novel “A Separate Peace”. John Knowles made this moment stand out through the use of different structures in this passage, choosing various words to develop the sentences and also different literary devices. These create the tension and make the reader interested in reading the novel. 
First, Knowles used different structure of the sentences. Knowles foregrounds a new character in the book. Brinker plays a significant role at this moment. He is represented as a confident and respected character who wouldn’t let anyone fool him. The quotation “being too busy with politics, arrangements and offices” shows that Brinker is a serious person. This makes the reader think that Gene and Brinker have something in common. Both Brinker and Gene are good at academics, however the reader might think that Brinker is more ambitious than Gene. Through introducing Brinker to the reader, Knowles contrasts the two characters, showing their similarities and differences. While talking to Gene, Brinker uses long sentences to explain what’s on his mind and short sentences to accuse Gene.
Brinker thought that Gene was suspicious, he believed that there was something underneath his character, something that he was hiding or lying about. “I’ll bet you knew all the time Finny wouldn’t be back this fall” shows that Brinker suspects that Gene is linked to the accident on the tree. This makes the reader believe that Brinker wants to know the truth or get on Gene’s nerves. He used the phrase “the truth hurts, eh?” which shows that Brinker knew what was going on as if he was on that tree. This quotation “I wish I knew how to manage things like you” shows that Brinker spoke in a joking and friendly but accusing manner. This is a significant moment that links to one of the themes of the novel- suspense and friendship. 
Knowles used foreshadowings to create suspension so the reader could predict the future events in the novel. One example of foreshadowing is shown in this quotation “the truth will out”. Knowles repeats this sentence twice to focus reader’s attention on these words. This phrase makes the reader believe that Gene tried to hide the fact that he jounced the limb and purposely made Finny fall off the tree, but he admits that one day people will find out the truth of what actually happened. 
Knowles created the rising action in the novel. The entire dialogue between Gene and Brinker is the rising action which creates the tension. This quotation “He had struck an accusing pose” shows the rising action at that moment. Knowles used the word “accusing” which means judging or suspecting. This might remind the reader of being accuses in the court. This moment is significant as the reader sees how Gene’s.

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