Acrophobia Essay Example

Acrophobia Essay Example
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

Everybody has at least one fear. One of the more common fears is a fear of heights. There are many reasons for being afraid of heights, commonly the uncertainty of being safe on the ground. This fear is widespread across many people because it could be uncontrollable. This essay will explain how acrophobia isn't scary.

Acrophobia is a phobia that is very innate. This means that somebody could have acrophobia even if they haven't had any experiences with heights. A fear of heights could be somehow hardwired into a person's brain without any past events occurring. For the most part, a phobia of heights is something that shouldn't be scary. For people with acrophobia, going high up in the air is something that they would definitely abstain from doing. Small things like a step ladder or a stool are scary to some people with a fear of heights. Obviously, a ladder wont hurt you from just looking at it! This is another reason why heights shouldn't be scary. Minuscule  things like a step ladder will obviously not hurt you physically, but it may cause panic or anxiety. This is why acrophobia is obviously something not to  be afraid of. 

In conclusion, acrophobia shouldn't be scary because it's very basic. Having a phobia of heights can be a struggle, but it isn't something to be scared of in the first place. Unreasonable things like being afraid of ladders shouldn’t inhibit you from not having acrophobia. Overall, acrophobia is an easy phobia to not be afraid of.

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