Admission Essay: International Masters in Innovative Medicine Program

Admission Essay: International Masters in Innovative Medicine Program
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

Since I have graduated high school, the last six years of my life have been dedicated to the study of medicine. During that time, I have been exposed to the many processes of how we tackle a disease. This process is long and involves many people from multiple fields. One process that was the most laborious is the process of discovering a treatment for a particular disease. We begin by looking at how a disease disrupts the physiological process, then we look at it more closely on a cellular and molecular level, and then try to figure out what we can do to halt the progress, or even reverse it to its normal physiological function. While I have never been directly involved in the process of developing a new treatment, I know by experience that a lot of the drugs available right now are inadequate for some population, and how the lack of option forces them to live in a suboptimal quality of life caused by their disease. Trying to find a cure to every disease seems like such an impossible task, but there have been so many basic researches that has the potential to get us closer to that goal, which unfortunately never made it to clinical trials. My main goal is to take part in bridging the gap between basic science and clinical application of the medicine.

I chose to study the IMIM program because the curriculum is in line with my goals. I wish to start my first year in Heidelberg, so I can become an independent researcher and have the skills in translational research. All the modules offer exactly what I need to become a competent researcher. The program specifically aims to teach us skills to translate knowledge, mechanisms, and techniques of basic molecular and cellular research into new approaches for diagnosis and therapy of disease, as well as to translate clinical observation back to the laboratory, and back to basic research question. This is a vital skill that only this program offer. This embodies the core of why research is done in medicine, and can be summed up as “science without border”. To be part of this program will enable me to contribute to the advancement of medicine and ultimately help increase the quality of life for people affected with diseases.

Joining a program that specifically trains me in research and prepares me for a subsequent PhD program will greatly help me reach my goal to become a principal investigator and independently conduct my own research. It will prepare me for the role of leadership in the sciences that will help me maximize my potential and contribution to the scientific community specifically, and human life in general.

I am a suitable candidate for this program because I am equipped with medical and clinical knowledge from six years of studying in medical school. I have also acquired basic research knowledge from conducting my final year thesis and also from my experience of working as research assistant in the Genetics Working Group in my medical school. I am also very driven to do research and while I enjoy clinical medicine, I feel most at home in the lab doing experiments. My research experience has taught me patience, perseverance and resourcefulness.  It has also given me some hard skills in carrying out laboratory experimentation such as PCR and qPCR, which the majority of doctors do not have. There are not enough doctors in the lab and not enough scientist in hospitals, and this program will help me change that.

I have always considered myself a citizen of the world instead of just belonging to one country or culture. I am open-minded and adaptive to change, and interacting with other scientists and doctors who are at the top of their field, will elevate my knowledge and ideas to help me become much more creative and even potentially build a life-long partnership in science which will be invaluable.

Upon finishing my master program, I envision myself working as a researcher in a hospital or academic institution or biotechnology industry where I can directly apply everything I have learned during my masters. In particular, I am interested in going into the field of muscular dystrophy to develop a more affordable and accessible genetic testing tools that can be used widely in Indonesia.

Being afforded the opportunity at a scholarship to study in the International Masters in Innovative Medicine program would be a dream come true and a life-changing experience for me. Considering the major gap in economic strength between my country and the EU, self-funding myself to attend this program will become almost virtually impossible. To get myself through medical school, I had to apply for financial relief from my university, which they granted by letting me pay my tuition in installments. My parents had to personally ask my extended family to help cover the tuition. I am forever grateful for what they had done for me, and I know by being granted this scholarship I will be able to repay their good deeds by becoming a significant contributor to the scientific community. 

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