Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

Dating and relationships have changed significantly over the years. In this age, instead of meeting in person or getting approved by the family our generations have decided that online dating is more suitable for our lives in this point of history. But especially in the beginning, and the present day of this pandemic I think online dating spiked significantly and has helped many over this time period. Since many cannot go out because of health issues or family, it is easier for them to find someone online rather than in person. So, one advantage would be to have a bigger access to meeting people who are single, easy to access (in terms of talking because they are right in front of your eyes), and you will be able to see what this other person is looking for in someone. It also helps you find people out of your town, out of state, or wherever you want to look for a significant other (Anderson et al., 2020). Another advantage would be how easy it is to access an app. Most of the time you don’t have to buy one and there are so many depending on your race, ethics, and even religion (Nicholson et al., 2014). And if you don’t get a specific app you are always welcome to include it into your bio or even what you want in the other. By putting this in the app it will add it to your dating formula.

But with advantages to any situation there are also disadvantages. Another negative would be how someone views themselves because of dating apps. With dating apps you have to post a few pictures of yourself to show everyone what you look like. This allows those who have the apps to not feel comfortable with how they look because of seeing others profiles. And as people flip through the app from person to person, some individuals would see this as self-degradation because of how people see it as a joke. They just swipe from person to person like it's a game and you have to go as fast as you can. All of this can make someone not feel valued or even come out with less confidence as they had before coming into the online dating world. With this sort of game type of mindset, having intuitive conversations might not happen. And with that communication comes to a halt and it will become harder for one to be able to see and understand if this person is good for them and if they “click” (Nicholson et al., 2014). Another disadvantage would be that this person that you are talking too could be lying about everything they are saying. They could just be on the site to have “fun” and be deceitful towards those who they are matching too (Anderson et al., 2020). With these circumstances it does hurt the person they are stringing along, leaving them with trust issues and a debate in their head on what they did wrong.

In my opinion, I think that online dating is both a positive and negative in our society. But I would definitely lean towards the negative side more than positive. I do think that social media has benefited our world and society significantly but I also believe that it has crippled the adolescents of this day and age. I think it has made many struggle with communication in real life relationships and situations. Many rely on their phones to speak with their significant other instead of in person. Some will even wait to have an argument with their lover until they get home and can argue over text. I also think it has unrealistic expectations and allows people to act and be someone that they are not. Of course online dating will help many but realistically I think that the majority do not find someone to be with forever but is instead using this as a little flirtatious side hustle for themselves.

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