Age Differences in Daily Social Activities

Age Differences in Daily Social Activities
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Young and older people have very different types of life. As we grow,  we tend to limit the range of our activities that we can participate in, or we can no longer do them. On the opposite side, teenagers are full of energy, unlimited time, and many interests to discover. As a result, this makes the youth the generation that enjoys life more than the elderly.

In the majority of the cases, young people have better activities both physically and mentally. Their body and mind are capable of several things such as doing sports, exploring several destinations without getting exhausted, studying for many hours while staying concentrated. On the other hand, most of our senior citizens are incapable of exercising some of the activities mentioned due to chronic diseases, low energy levels in their daily routine, and lack of the urge to explore new things and try new experiences. As a result, youngsters have more exciting activities to participate in.

The life of young people is carefree as they have limited obligations. To be more specific, most of my young peers have only one task, to do their homework. In some cases, some may also have a part-time job. Yet, older people have many responsibilities such as working, housekeeping, raising their children or grandchild and sometimes they do not manage to allot time for leisure or exploring their interests further as young people do.

People, independently from their age, want to build a life worth living and to enjoy it as much as they can. However, the arguments we previously discussed show us that young people are having a better time living because this is the right age to discover who they want to be and how the rest of their life is going to be shaped.

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