Air Pollution and Acid Rain Essay Example

Air pollution in today's world is all over the place. Almost everything we do either pollutes the air or has to pollute the air to create what we are doing. Air pollution is responsible for 5 million deaths per year and makes millions more sick. Another effect of air pollution can be acid rain which is rainfall that is mostly acidic that is caused by atmospheric pollution and which mostly affects forest, and lakes. However, we could all make a small difference to help air pollution and prevent acid rain in the future.

Air pollution is a bigger problem in today's world than it has ever been. With all the automobiles on the road and the coal powered power stations giving us power we are polluting the air more than ever. With this being said there are several stats that would shock a person such as air pollution causing 5 million deaths per year, indoor air pollution is 2-5 times more worse than it was, and one of the most shocking even though smoking is the face of lung disease 80% of lung disease is contributed to air pollution. These simple stats are few of many reasons why we should start taking steps to try and control air pollution every day we put it off means another day of air pollution that is irreversible in the future. Another problem that air pollution causes is not just harming humans but it is also harming nature and animals with many different things such as soil contamination, depletion of the ozone layer and the one I'd like to discuss is acid rain.

Air pollution can cause many problems and one that can be a very serious problem is acid rain. Acid rain is pretty much exactly what it sounds like when the atmosphere where rain clouds become over polluted and when it rains the rain is acidic. Acidic rain is very harmful to plants, animals and possibly humans. It causes all the nutrients in the soil to wash away, which is required for plants to grow. It can also affect animals and humans in other ways such as resulting in respiratory issues in animals and humans. It will also have runoff into lakes to cause pollution of the aquatic ecosystem and cause many aquatic animals to die. With that being said there is also the other side of acid rain which can be very destructive and expensive it can corrode many pipes and monuments that are out in the weather. Many people ask well why can't we just stop it and what they don’t realize is that it's a group effort. We need to take precautions to prevent air pollution and that will stop acidic rain.

With all that's been said it seems all bad but it's not there is good and that good is we can all do something about it. We can all take small steps to prevent air pollution everyday. We can make sure to only drive our automobiles when needed to and to carpool when possible. Also try to take cleaner ways of transportation such as biking or walking. One way the UNEP is trying to help lessen the pollution to our environment is by implementing electric buses. Some other ways to help the environment is to keep all automobiles tuned right to make sure minimum pollution to the environment. Also try to prevent the burning of wood and coal and try to use gas instead. With a few simple things we can substantially reduce some of the polluting we do.

In conclusion, you can see that our world is suffering from Air pollution and if we do not change some of our ways we will continue to make it worse. With all the pollution we do acidic rain will become a more common thing and it will begin to take some of the things away that we love to do such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and just enjoying beautiful landscapes. If pollution continues this will all be gone. So just start by doing your part ride with a friend instead of driving alone or even better ride a bike if you can or walk. Small steps like this could change our future with air pollution.


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