An Analysis of the Advertisement for M&M's

M&M’s are loved by most people around the world. Everywhere one may go probably has a pack of them sitting on shelves, or even a whole aisle dedicated just for them. M&M’s are excellent to be used on any occasion, a holiday, a celebration, basically any event possible, M&M’s can be used somehow.  M&M’s bring a sense of happiness to every occasion, people usually buy them to bring a sense of happiness to themselves or anyone they are buying them for. Both these ads associate themselves with a sense of happiness to an event, such as Valentine's day and Christmas time. The similarities help show that they can be used for any appropriate occasion. M&M’s ads associate themselves with a sense of happiness and joy and also incorporate happiness in a form of food to attract more consumers to buy their product.  

For the first ad, the most current one is from Christmas 2020. It starts by showing a text that says “Bake Holiday Fun with Their Favorite Brands”. It also shows the M&M’s trademark characters, the M&M’s logo, some Christmas-themed background, as well as actual M&M’s in the green and red Christmas colors. This ad is targeted towards specifically parents or someone with a significant other that they are shopping for. By saying “Their favorite brand”, it is trying to appeal to a significant other that they might be buying candy for.  The ad also tries to attach a feeling to using its product. By saying “Bake holiday fun”, it's trying to bring out a fun feeling, while one simply can’t bake fun, one will have fun baking, and the M&M’s are the reason it is fun for the buyer, which appeals to a feeling of happiness. 

Also, the ad includes the M&M characters, which are highly reputable and known by lots of people, and are a staple to the M&M advertising, which appeals to the credibility of the ad. The ad also includes caloric information and nutritional facts which appeals to the factual information of the ad. The American values of this ad are that the M&M’s associate themself with a feeling of happiness, one would usually buy them for someone on a special occasion, maybe a holiday, and they bring happiness to the people one bought them for. 

The second ad is from Valentine’s Day, 1998. This ad is extremely similar to the first and most current M&M advertisement, almost exactly alike. This ad includes the infamous M&M characters, it also includes a text saying. “Valentine's Day is Better with M&M’s”. This ad is also appealing to the same group of people as the previous ad. It’s appealed to someone buying for a significant other in their life, specifically someone an individual may love since it’s Valentine's Day themed. By saying “Valentine’s Day is Better with M&M’s”, is provoking a feeling of happiness. It’s saying that if one were to buy this for someone, it will make it better. Just as the previous ad, it's appealing to a sense of happiness and joy. 

The M&M characters do help reach a targeted audience because the male characters are giving gifts to the female characters. That could be used to persuade men to buy their product for a spouse or girlfriend to make her happy. This ad is extremely similar to the previous newer ad, with the same general purpose, just proposing using the M&M’s for a different event in this case Valentine's day. 

M&M’s are widely popular all across the world, everyone has probably had a little pouch of those melt-in-your-mouth candies. The big reason they are so successful is that they display their product as something to be bought for someone on a special occasion. Each ad was based on a certain event celebrated by lots of people, and the fact that they associate their brand with a sense of happiness is the cherry on top. They market their product as a gift or something that can be given to bring joy to a person. The true American value of M&M’s is the fact that they bring happiness to consumers that purchase them, and are fit for every single occasion.


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