An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley Review

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  • Published: 15 March 2021
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It is easy to argue that priestly presents a pro-socialist message in Act 1 of ‘An Inspector Calls’ because socialists believe that capitalists, in the case of an Inspector Calls this would most likely be Mr Birling who was a self-made businessman meaning he is more pro-capitalist because he made his own money and wealth, benefit the rich much more over the poor, so socialism is mainly based on giving power and rights to those in the working class, in the play, this would be Eva Smith who is put through many inconveniences due to capitalism. Also, Eva is shown to be a part of a Union when she worked for Mr Birling to increase women’s wages, these facts indicate towards a socialist point of view; however, with Mr Birlings removal of Eva from the business shows a capitalist mindset and the audience is then set to view Mr Birling as the one who is in the wrong allowing the idea that maybe capitalism is not the correct method of society but in fact, socialism is. The timing of the play is also important to factor in how priestly presents a pro-socialist message as the play was performed in London 1946, directly after the end of the World War II and where the economy was in tatters, especially for Britain, and people were being introduced to socialism through the USSR or Nazi Germany, but the play was set in 1912 during the peak pf British superiority. Using the two contrasting time frames, especially in terms of economy, the audience can think back and reminisce about that time whilst also realising through the portrayal of the birling family all their faults and that perhaps a more socialist view would be more beneficial for the economy.


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