An Internship and My Interest in Medicine Essay Example

An Internship and My Interest in Medicine Essay Example
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đź“ŚPublished: 21 April 2021

I would like a position at this internship to better understand different types of medical careers. I am a good fit because I can handle hardships and 

From when I could hold up a flashlight, I was my dads’ second set of hands. Whenever a lightbulb needs to be changed, boards need to be installed, and other homely improvements need to be made, I would be there to help, at home or grandma’s house. Usually, I would dread these tasks; for many hours, I would hold up a flashlight, screw in screws and hope not to fall off a ladder. Yet it was always rewarding looking at the finished product, when we fix something for grandma. 

My parents influenced me the most when I was addicted to spending money on IPad games seven years ago. I would desire advantages only available through a paywall and attempt to seek them out. I leaned over when my parents typed in their password and memorized the patterns to input on the game. A month and 400 dollars worth of microtransactions later, my parents found out and I got a stern talking to. I learned about the value of money, transparency, and video game addiction as I was put on a digital detox for a while. Although I hated it then, I am grateful now because I have become cautious in decisions, noticing when my addictions get out of hand, and not keeping secrets.

I thank my mom for enrolling me in piano lessons because music contributes to my work ethic. When I got introduced to my piano teacher, she initially declined to teach me because I was too small. Luckily, I was strong enough to press down a fat finger on the piano keys and led to an ongoing journey in music. Piano lessons taught me the foundation for when I played Saxophone in the Cesar Chavez Middle School band and the James Logan High School band. I would wake up and get excited about the rehearsals and practice. I enjoyed this because of the support from friends, the competition and good performance. From music, I learned the importance of consistent practice in getting better.

One of my most significant challenges at school was accepting I would spend a semester in Ethnic Women's studies. The original class I applied for was full and I was dreading the first day of class. It was the first and only class I sought to change because I was nervous about the looks I would get as one of four guys in the class of 30. I was reserved the first week but over time, I warmed up to the people. I began participating more and made friends I did not think I would. I realized that something small like the gender of a person is not a factor in whether someone is liked and that situations are not as bad as they seem.

Not until recently have I been actively wondering what I want to do as a job. When I was around 4th grade, I wanted to become a doctor to take care of people, but numerous choices became available the older I got, the more confused I became on what to spend most of my life on. This internship will help me gain experience in different fields of medicine.

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