Analysis Essay Example

Analysis Essay Example
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Creating a research paper can be extremely difficult, and studying the work of your peers is an excellent way to improve your own writing. After being provided two essays, “Social Media and Its Impacts” and “The Organic Diet: Is it worth it?,” I feel more prepared to take on the challenge of writing a 7-10 page research paper. Both of these essays provided excellent examples of what I should do when the time comes to begin the rough draft. Additionally, I now have a larger idea of what I need to avoid. Because my research paper will also be regarding diet, “The Organic Diet: Is it worth it?” gave me a greater understanding of how I can improve my writing. 

Essay 1, entitled “Social Media and Its Impacts,” had many admirable qualities that demonstrate it is a well-written piece. The intention of this essay was to illustrate the negative effects that social media has on society, and I think it fulfilled this goal exceptionally well. One thing I found was that the flow of this essay was extremely advanced. Moreover, its sophisticated style made it enjoyable and easy to follow. I felt that the essay’s introduction was exceptionally well-written, and I appreciated its shocking facts that hook the audience. It highlighted each of the key points that were going to be discussed in the paper, setting itself up for a remarkable essay. Another thing I enjoyed about this essay was its ability to guide the reader through the writer’s thought process with ease. Each paragraph introduced a new idea, and it was clear what was to be discussed. Additionally, each idea that was presented tied back to their main idea and supports their claim that social media “hurts its users and the society at large.” I found that the essay “Social Media and Its Impacts” demonstrated sophisticated word choice. The writer employed several words and expressions that clearly illustrates an extensive vocabulary. This inspired me to advance and refine my vocabulary for future papers. 

Despite the many excellent qualities of “Social Media and Its Impacts,” I found several places that it could be improved. For example, the writer rarely cites their sources in the text. There were several times that the writer utilizes specific quotes from various sources, but they do not provide parenthetical citations. All of the facts that were given in the paper certainly must have been from something that the writer read or watched, and they seemed to paraphrase these facts well, besides their lack of parenthetical citations. This could become problematic for a reader, because it blurs the lines between what is original thought, and what is an idea from an outside source. Another thing I felt could be improved was the title of the paper, “Social Media and Its Impacts.” Although this title is short, concise, and easy to understand, I do not believe it entirely represents what is discussed in the paper. The paper focuses on the negative effects of social media for virtually the entire essay. Because of this, I feel that a more accurate title could be “How Social Media Negatively Impacts Society.” The author also made a few grammatical errors, but it was well-written otherwise. Although there are various ways this paper could improve, I believe that this was an excellent essay.

Essay 2, entitled “The Organic Diet: Is it worth it?,” does several things very well and demonstrates that it is a quality essay. This research paper attempted to highlight the positive and negative aspects of the organic lifestyle and ultimately determine if it is worth it. One thing I appreciated about this piece is its frequent utilization of parenthetical citations. The writer cites their sources often, even when paraphrasing. The author dedicates the second paragraph to defining “organic food,” and ending common misconceptions of the term. I thought this was an excellent choice, because many readers may not truly understand what constitutes something as “organic”, so the author resolves any misunderstandings before continuing. Throughout the essay, the author provides examples of both positive and negative aspects of an organic diet. I believe this strengthens their claim that organic food is worth it overall, despite its negative characteristics, including a higher cost. 

Although “The Organic Diet: Is it worth it?” is excellent in many ways, there several things I felt could be refined. Throughout the entire essay, I found numerous grammatical errors. The majority of them were minor, and they could have been avoided if the writer proofread the paper carefully before submitting. Additionally, there were several errors with comma usage. There were several occasions in which a comma was either needed but not applied, or there was an unnecessary comma. Unlike “Social Media and Its Impacts,” I found this essay to be slightly difficult to read. I felt that the style could be improved significantly. Furthermore, the ideas could have been presented in a way that guides the reader from one idea to the next to help the audience answer the question: Is the organic lifestyle worth its negative aspects? 

After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of student’s papers, I am better equipped to write a sophisticated and advanced essay in the near future. Neither of the pieces are without fault, but made great decisions that made their writing admirable. Both “Social Media and Its Impacts” and “The Organic Diet: Is it worth it?” provided thoughtful insight into their topics, and they have influenced how I will construct my writing.


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