Analysis Of Dantes Inferno Essay Example

Analysis Of Dantes Inferno Essay Example
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In Dante’s Inferno, we followed Dante’s narration about his observation of Hell. The descriptions of Hell told by Dante shown the cruel punishments that different kinds of sinners receive. We were shown Nine Circle of Hell. Each Circle shows a different level of punishment. The first couple of the circles do not have harsh punishment because the sins were less bad but in the last couple of circles, the punishments were harsh because the sins that were committed by the sinners were worst.  The narrator of Inferno believes in contrapasso that every sin has its counter punishment. Contrapasso is a good reminder for the sinners to know the sins that they committed by going against god. 

After meeting Virgil at the gates of Hell, Virgil helps Dante as a guide throughout Hell Virgil shows him different stages of punishment for different sins. The nine circles were also categorized into three different levels of sins.  such as Lust, Violence, and Fraud.” Have you forgotten the words with which your Ethics treats of those three dispositions at strike at Heaven’s will: incontinence and malice and mad bestiality?” (Alighieri Canto 11). This quote talks about the first sins which are lust consists the least punishment out of the three, and people who committed violence were thrown into the boiling river of blood, and people who responsible for fraud and untruth deserved the worst kind of punishment. They were getting the punishment they deserve based on how bad of sin they did. 

The punishment received by the sinners were shown to us by Dante’s observation were befitting to the crime. The sinners deserve the punishment for going against god law of nature. They knew their sins will lead them to hell still they decided to keep doing it instead of correcting them to the right path. The hell described by Dante is fair because the sinners are not getting the same punishments. They were getting a different level of punishment regarding how worse their sins are. If everyone were to get the same punishment it would have been a different case because not everyone should go through the same amount of pain of hell for a small crime 

According to Dante, the second circle of hell represents the punishment of lust for any sexual desires or activities. Before he was seen hell personally, he only heard from people about hell and heaven but after entering hell and experiencing it with his own eyes he realized how deep and real it is and that every soul must go through. When he entered the second circle, he learned about the kinds of punishment they are getting for their sins, and he anticipates that the punishment is fair that for the sins they committed.” I learned that those who undergo this torment are damned because they sinned within the flesh, subjecting reason to the rule of lust (Alighieri, Canto 5).”  This quote briefly talks about the punishment of lustful people and he believes that the people that were given punishment were well-deserving for the sin they committed even after knowing that it was forbidden. They should have learned to control their desires, instead of getting out of control and breaking the balance that God has created. 

The circles of punishment that were assigned to the sinners were fair. The sinners in the second circle did not do any crime of violence or fraud but they must get punishment because sins will be sinning no matter what. The sinners were craving to do the thing that was forbidden for them to do because they could not control themselves. They were being tested by god to see if they could control their sexual desires, but they fail to prove god wrong for that they are deserving of the punishment they were getting in Hell. 

Therefore, Dante’s narration about his experience in Hell is just because he met different types of people all those who did wrong to the people who tried to fix themselves. And by knowing the sins he explained the punishment of the sins was fair and deserving. He shows that hell is a bad place to be in, but the sinners will not wrongfully get punish in hell. Dante wants to talk about the good and bad and what we must suffer if we do sins that we were not allowed to do.  

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