Analysis of Donald Trump's Leadership Style (Essay Example)

Analysis of Donald Trump's Leadership Style (Essay Example)
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📌Published: 03 April 2021

Actions and Thoughts are both extremely necessary to be an effective leader or human being. As children, our parents tell us that our actions have consequences and whatever choices we make will determine whether it's good or bad. We grow up thinking that actions speak louder than thoughts, but what most people don’t realize is before you make a decision, you think about what your options are, and which one seemed more appealing to you at the time. While actions are very important and can be really detrimental to you and others around you, it was your choice that put you in that situation. As you grow older and learn from your mistakes, you start to be more aware of your actions and carefully think things through, so you will not repeat the same errors. A world leader is usually very conscious of every decision they make, and they think about how their actions will affect people, and do everything in their power to ensure that the country is running according to plan. President Donald J. Trump is a popular world leader and is known for his controversial decisions. During his four years of being president of the United States, he has managed to create a new military service (Space Force), reshape the federal judiciary, and signed The First Step Act. Some would argue that President Trump has done a lot of great things for America while others would say he caused a lot of destruction by leaving America’s global image in shambles, separating families and deaths of migrant children, Covid-19 pandemic, Charollesville, and George Floyd. When you look back before the 2016 election, you will notice people weren’t as sensitive or outspoken as they are now about their opinions, the country wasn’t so divided, and there was a plan for possible pandemics after Ebola, created by our former President Barack Obama. In 2020, Trump supporters, police officers, and social media have become more aggressive when it comes to politics, opinions, and who they believe are on the wrong and right end of the spectrum. This is all steaming from the way our country leaders have chosen to run the country and what they think is acceptable behavior. President Trump's personal beliefs and thoughts have been the way he has decided to govern America, which in turn has created a big divide between citizens. When Covid-19 started in March of 2020, the president shut down the country and had everyone in America on lock down till the numbers started to decrease. Not long after April, the president decided that it was okay to reopen the country while a dangerous and devastating virus was still out in the open. Clearly, President Trump didn’t fully consider the possible aftermath of reopening the country and how it may affect fellow citizens. Due to the fact of him not considering the consequences of reopening, America now is the number one country leading with 16.4 million cases and 299,000 deaths from coronavirus. President Trump is a prime example of how your actions cannot only affect your personal life, but other lives around you. It is important that you fully understand the consequences of your actions and consider every possible downside of your choice. A thorough leader is someone who thinks about the future and plans a way to be successful while guiding and encouraging their subordinates while giving useful advice on how to become an effective leader themselves. Although your actions are significant your choices define who you are, but what most people don’t realize is before they make a decision that turned into an action, they had to think about how they were possibly going to handle the situation and which option seemed best. Ultimately, thoughts are more productive than actions because thoughts determine your actions.


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