Analysis of Relationship Dmitri and Anna in The Lady with the Dog

Analysis of Relationship Dmitri and Anna in The Lady with the Dog
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In the story, The Lady with the Dog written by Anton Chekhov shows two important views. One of the important views is the main character Gurov, which claims that he can commit adultery without having to suffer any consequences. Another important view is the author Chekhov, addresses that committing adultery will bring consequences. This will demonstrate how Chekhov’s claim will take the place of Gurov’s.  

The main character, Dmitri Dmitrich Gurov is known as a wealthy man who is married with kids but does not feel affection towards his wife anymore. He lives in Moscow but was visiting Yalta by himself at the beginning of the story. He came a crossed the lady with the dog that caught his eye. This resulted in Gurov making acquaintances with her (Chekhov I). With this information, it is shown that he is married with kids and has a commitment to be with his family. Instead of being with his family, he is taking “an interest in fresh arrivals” (Chekhov I). Which is being referred to Anna Sergeyevna, the lady with the dog. He becomes intrigued with this woman by seeing her and doing romantic things together. This actively demonstrates that he dislikes his wife which had the outcome of many affairs. Gurov, considers women as the “lower race” which he acknowledges that he feels relieved in their company than in men’s. For example, “But every time he encountered an attractive woman, he forgot all about this experience, the desire for life surged up in him, and everything suddenly seemed simple and amusing” (Chekhov I). This demonstrates that Gurov does not love his wife which leads to finding these encountering attractive women leading to many affairs. 

Gurov does not seem to think about his family and is drawn to Anna. As they get to know each other and began getting closer to one another, he finds out that Anna has a husband and that she is not okay with committing adultery. An example to support that Anna wasn’t okay with committing adultery is, "seemed to regard the affair as something very special, very serious, as if she had become a fallen woman, an attitude he found odd and disconcerting...It isn't right, she said. You will never respect me anymore” (Chekhov II). This conveys that she has a fear of losing Gurov’s respect since she doesn’t think that this is the right thing to do which is if she slept with him. With realizing that she is going too far with him she was comforted by Gurov which helped her calm down. With things changing her mind, Gurov keeps showing her affection and wants more, but all she kept thinking about was wondering if her husband would arrive. After meeting each other every day while in Yalta, Anna still had in mind that he doesn’t respect her or love her.  

When Anna left Yalta to go back to her husband, there were no feelings shown. Gurov kept telling himself that he will move on from her. When he arrived back at Moscow, he believed that meeting Anna would be a memory, which everything kept reminding him of her. “when he heard a song, or the sounds of a music-box in a restaurant, when the wind howled in the chimney, it all came back to him: early morning on the pier, the misty mountains, the steamer from Feodosia, the kisses” (Chekhov III). With the memories not going away, Gurov knew that there was a strong affection between him and Anna and wanted more. Without his wife knowing anything about what he was doing, he went to go find Anna.  

He went to find her house, but he held back because he wanted to keep their relationship secret from her husband. Seeing a poster, he noticed at the station, he knew that she would be there and that he would make an appearance there. Anna was shocked when he came up to her. “She glanced up at him and turned pale, then looked at him again in alarm, unable to believe her eyes, squeezing her fan and lorgnette in one hand, evidently struggling to overcome a feeling of faintness” (Chekhov III). Anna didn’t think that he would come back and find her. While they left to go somewhere private, Anna explained to Gurov that she was unhappy with her husband, and they arranged to see each other in Moscow. Still, both being unfaithful towards their current partners, they both shared a more affectionate and intimate relationship that nobody would ever know. “And it seemed to them that they were within an inch of arriving at a decision, and that then a new, beautiful life would begin” (Chekhov IV). Realizing that what they have been doing is going to be complicated for both. 

To sum up, everything that was being demonstrated by both Gurov and Chekhov claims, Gurov did not think that there would be any consequences committing adultery and Chekhov proved that committing adultery will bring consequences. Also, Chekhov brings the situations of illegal affairs. The author presents Gurov’s and Anna’s relationship to be boring and not being able to manage their relationship. Their relationship remains an affair because they could not break up with their partners. Gurov refused to recognize the truth and the consequences of committing adultery. Therefore, this will be hard for them to do so since their relationship will remain a secret.    

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