Analysis of SIRIB

Analysis of SIRIB
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📌Published: 16 April 2021

SIRIB (Strengthening Implementations through Research Innovation and Bolster) Journal, a collective realization founded on the researchers’ transparency, consultation, and mutual respect, sets principally to serve researchers, with the aim of activating researchers' creative and critical thinking. In this time of the rise of a pandemic, learning about research is more important than ever. 

SIRIB Journal aims at strengthening researchers' capabilities towards rising circumstances to promote extended increasing learning outcomes that they can use as a relevant reference for their eventual societal involvement. It intends at providing a valuable window on the innovation of institutions, communities, and the clientele in this new age of global revamp. With aligned vision and values in sustaining the goals of development and innovation towards inclusive advancement of learning outcomes, SIRIB wants to prove that research is the stepping-stone towards the attainment of societal goals. 

Enshrined in this journal are the fundamental directives that lend distinction to it as a training grounds for research and fountain of knowledge and skills. It provides opportunities to teachers in their professional endeavors as they help improve learning outcomes. Embedding a culture of research, SIRIB gives way to teachers' commitment to promoting relevant expertise and competence, awareness, scientific consciousness, and the fulfillment of foregoing troth. Ensuring a conducive atmosphere to the pursuit of academic excellence and the formation of productive teacher-researchers. It helps them conduct research with development priorities or research agendas to prove their high level of ability and integrity, objectivity, and a personality that pursues excellence for the improvement of learning outcomes. Believing that a lot of creativity takes place during this phase when the stakeholders and clientele can synthesize other ideas and come up with collaborative solutions. Having the capacity in developing the mental ability to switch between thinking about two different concepts or think about multiple concepts simultaneously when they are introduced to conflicting policies on various issues also create an impact.

 Moreover, this also provides statistical consultancy and processing of research data. It also caters to statistical training for internal and external clients. This has been created to undertake research and studies for the guidance of academicians and policymakers. Eventually, this SIRIB Journal encourages its stakeholders to undertake quality publications for proper dissemination of information, promotion of the culture of proper decision-making based on factual evidence, and the measurement of performance on research results and creative ideas. The depth of these experiences, encourage them to contribute towards the overall development of the economy. And to promote and propagate academic excellence emphasizing the involvement of research in the changing world. 

This journal is also an enduring landmark of the efforts exerted by the Division of Cagayan Planning and Research Unit, reflecting the external and internal substance of research in the academe even during trying situations. With careful planning of interests and undertaking, this folio provides an opportunity for researchers to participate in or influence the changing world. Anchored with its aims, the journal's name itself emphasizes the improvement of implementations using research and technology. Awakening the value of commitment towards excellence.

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