Analysis of Social Myths

Analysis of Social Myths
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

Social myths take advantage of humanity’s habitual state by using fear to enforce blind obedience to its constructs.Social myths perpetuate a socially accepted state of normalcy that limits humanity’s ability to act with complete freedom; individuals who do not comply with society’s standards experience isolation and disdain.Humans have a strong need to belong, and thus fall victim to conventional thinking due to fear from feeling lonely, worthless, and unwanted. 

 However, society’s tendency to mindlessly follow conventions is problematic because it encourages an absence of creative thought that corrupts morality. Adhering to collective beliefs is appealing because it leads to the social acceptance that humans crave, but it also results in a foggy vision of right versus wrong. Just individuals engage in cruelty without realizing the true severity of their actions; rather, they’re led to believe that these tyrannical acts are virtuous and noble.

 Fortunately, humanity can activate their imagination through literature in order to escape this dangerous mob mentality. Literature opens the mind to discover new possibilities and ideas that are different from the pre-conditioned illusions that society believes. To escape this institutionalized fear, humans must become knowledgeable in literature to develop the ability to form unprejudiced opinions and properly self-access their actions.

Consequently, humanity will gain the necessary knowledge to challenge social constructs and strive towards creating a truly just world. Ultimately, the power of imagination will encourage society to travel beyond their comfort zones by questioning the validity of their knowledge in search of the naked truth.Individuals are able to recognize injustices, and in turn avoid naively allowing for them to take place.

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