Analysis Of The Play Hamilton

Analysis Of The Play Hamilton
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While watching Hamilton, I felt an array of emotions. At times, I felt patriotic, as the play was a good representation of actual history and I enjoyed watching the scenes unfold. I learned historical events from the play that I was not taught previously from history books. At other times, I felt inspired to embrace the values many characters in the play expressed. A scene that shows Alexandar Hamilton embracing his values was during the scene with the song, “My shot.” Alexandar Hamilton seized his opportunity to change our country for the better. This resonates with my life because when I have the chance to make minor changes to improve my life, I find myself wanting to push through, even if a particular change may be difficult. Two difficult life events for Alexandar Hamilton were losing his mom and having a scandalous affair. He did not let these personal difficulties hold him back from taking action to improve not just his own political life but life for those in our country. While watching the play, it was difficult to watch Alexandar Hamilton have an affair. Personally, I have seen how affairs have ruined relationships between partners, as well as friends and families. Overall, I felt as though Hamilton was informative, inspiring, and dramatic.  

While watching Hamilton, the play demonstrated the genre of drama. Alexandar Hamilton self-sabotages himself many times throughout the play as he struggles to find contentment in his personal life. A few scenes that demonstrate Alexandar Hamilton’s struggle with aspects of his personal life is exhibited in the song “I Will Never Be Satisfied.” A specific scene that is a fitting example of Hamilton sabotaging his personal life is when Hamilton is tempted to be with Maria and later succumbs to his temptations. This backfires on Hamilton later as the Reynolds pamphlet comes out and everyone becomes aware of Hamilton’s unfaithful act. This example demonstrates a drama because Hamilton was not satisfied with his marriage and was not satisfied even after his affair. Throughout the play and especially during the scenes after Hamilton’s affair, the audience feels many emotions towards Hamilton. Many would feel sympathy towards Hamilton because he was remorseful after his affair and recognized how negatively it affected his family. The audience also felt sympathy towards Hamilton because he wanted to change the country for the better and with the release of the Reynolds pamphlet, he had to work so much harder to fight for change because of the backlash he received for his affair. Overall, Hamilton would fall under the genre of being a drama because throughout the play the main character, Alexandar Hamilton, struggles to be happy in his personal life and always falls short. This struggle enables the audience to feel empathy for Alexandar Hamilton throughout the play.

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