Animal Cloning Essay Example

Animal Cloning Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

In my opinion cloning in pets, or any animal at all, should not be allowed. I feel this way because there are many things that can go wrong. For instance, it is dangerous for the animals involved, it is not worth it for the success rate, and it doesn’t help the rate in adoption.

Essentially, cloning is dangerous for any pet or animal involved. This is a result of when you take so many cells, or have so many procedures, it puts the pets or animals involved in danger. This is why cloning is dangerous.

Next, cloning takes too much out of the animals for a very low success rate. With 188 procedures you are already risking the health of your pet. Along with only 82 cloned embryos coming out of those 188 procedures. Then, only 1 cat got pregnant out of 7 cats, and she only got pregnant with 1 cat which ended up miscarrying. This is why the success rate is just not worth it.

Lastly, it doesn’t help the overpopulation of pets who haven't been adopted. When a pet or animal is cloned, the animals that are in shelters don’t get adopted which makes the euthanization rate even higher than it already is. This is why cloning pets is just making us have to kill perfect, innocent pets that could have gone to a great home.

In the end, cloning pets is unsafe and unnecessary. This is because it is dangerous, the success rate is not worth the risk, and the adoption of pets would go even lower than it already has. This is why we should not clone any pets or animals.

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