Animal Testing Should Not Be Used In Todays Society

According to the website ProCon, “An estimated 26 million animals are used every year in the United States.” This information proves that there is an excessive amount of animals being used today for human purposes. They are used in many different types of studies today. For example two major things they are a part of are helping with are finding vaccines and making sure cosmetics are safe. Overall, animal testing should not be used in todays society or at least should be the last option to consider. 

The first example is because animals are different from humans in many ways.It is an important factor to have accurate studies when it comes to discovering medical statements. This one reason could ruin many things. Just because the animal's body accepts and responds well to it, doesn’t mean that the human’s will. Also if the test was successful on the animal there is still a huge risk it won't be on people because of the differences in the two. Like if there is an organ or body part it could affect humans that we don’t know because it isn’t located in an animal. It would be much safer if we were to just perform on actual people because no information about what the vaccines could cause in the long run is left out. Some evidence of this is when the 1950 sleeping pill was tried on animals, then people and left around 10,000 babies with extreme deformities. Before testing on babies it turned out perfectly fine on animals. (Animal Testing - Pros & Cons - ProCon.Org)

In addition,  it is very cruel and harsh on animals.  There is no way for them to communicate and tell people that it hurts. Making animals a bad resource since there is no say. The whole purpose of the testing is to try new things, also meaning no former knowledge is known about what will happen.This is a cruel behavior because animals can’t tell people when it hurts leaving scientists no reason to stop until they die or become severely hurt. That’s not all, they also continue to perform new processes with little changes after one has failed. There is always huge change that the first test won’t be perfect and work. This means more and more animals are brought in and continued to be hurt after every failed attempt. If people know this and continue to decide to put animals in danger instead of putting any of us in danger it is considered a cruel trait. Research proves these statements about how almost every animal has been affected in a way. Over 97 percent of animals are killed after the testing process is over. Im the end if each test was perfect and didn’t do anything bad to the animals, Why kill the animal? In conclusion we know that these tests are terrible ways to treat animals but we continue to do it for our sake. 

Lastly, other options are available for use. Like 3D printers, vitro testing, and artificial human skin. Not only that but human volunteers are another option to perform testing on. All of these things are proven to be just as good as tests on animals. For example many clinical trials have occurred where multiple medical facts have come from. Each one of these existing resources come with more benefits too because now.


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