Animals Should Not Be Used For Entertainment

Animals Should Not Be Used For Entertainment
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📌Published: 29 March 2021

Should the usage of animals for amusement be forbidden? Countless people anticipate that the animals apart from circuses are treated with consideration and respect, but has anyone considered what occurs behind the scenes? All the participating animals have been taken away from their natural habitats, away from their family and own kind, they are molested due to making an error while executing a trick, they are kept alone in cages with little to no room for movement, they are unable to hunt for their food, or complete any ordinary task. They waste their entire life trying to please their trainers just for our entertainment. There are many alternatives for circuses that include animals in their performances, yet we all choose to ignore them and continue abusing animals. There are various other reasons concerning the negative aspects of animals being in entertainment industries, here are several more.  

People may choose to believe that animals are treated with respect backstage, but in reality, they are often beaten, shocked, kicked, cruelly confined to train them to be obedient and complete numerous tricks. For example, the abuse with elephants begins when they are babies to break their spirits. All four of the baby elephant’s legs are usually chained or tied up to 23 hours per day. They are kept in cages with barely any space for movement, they can't even run. Being treated in such a poor manner can be extremely harmful to the animals, physically and psychologically. We all claim that we love and value animals, but if this is what we call appreciation, we all require a dictionary.  These are some of the numerous reasons why animal use for pleasure should be prohibited.

The living conditions in circuses can cause severe stress and frustration to non-domesticated animals, giving a high possibility of leading to abnormal behavior, such as pacing by large cats, head bobbing by elephants, or mouthing cage bars. The use of animals to entertain human beings is horrifying, and violates the animal's right to live in freedom. They should be in the wild where they belong. It isn't fair on the animals; they get abused until they complete a trick correctly and are forced to learn something difficult and dangerous. How is it fair on the animals, they didn’t choose to become circus performers? Keeping animals from their natural habitats can repress instincts, whether or not they are trained or held by chains. Moreover, making it extremely dangerous for people watching the performances and people part of the show. The animals become unpredictable and could turn against those who train or take care of them. There is a probability of the animals acting on instinct, no matter how much was taught to it by trainers' as it is still a wild animal at heart. Why should the animals get beaten if they abruptly become vicious? Everyone would respond in the same manner if kept in a cage all day long apart from shows. This is another reason why animal usage for enjoyment should be stopped. 

There are plenty of alternatives for circuses with animals. Such as water performances and light shows. Animals are not essential for entertainment, nevertheless, we include them anyway. Why can't the people perform the acts? Is it too critical for humans but acceptable for animals? There should be more animal-free circuses. They should be treated with respect and kept in their natural environments where they belong, rather than being put at risk and abused for amusement. Humans have almost normalised animals being in the entertainment industry, they are not only presented in circuses; they are in zoos, aquariums, and even rodeos. We are all utterly conscious of how immoral this is, nevertheless, we choose to overlook the concern. There are a variety of replacements for animal usage in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, there are a numberless amount of speculations regarding animals being in the entertainment industry. Some of which include: animals getting abused, kept in confined spaces, taken away from natural settings, etc. People continue using animals in circuses, zoos, aquariums, movies, and various more like exotic animal encounters. Animals should not be treated the way they are today.

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