Anne with an E TV Review

Anne with an E TV Review
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Anne with an E is a Canadian television show series about a young orphaned girl who has spent many years in abusive orphanages. Anne lived her whole life as an outsider until she was mistakenly sent to live with her adoptive guardians. This story is based on the story of “Anne of Green Gables” that was published back in 1908, of a novel written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. This television film is a coming of age story, where Anne faces all challenges in order to fight for love and acceptance, transforming her life and the small town she lives in. Just like how propaganda, Public Service Announcements and news reports capture the audience’s attention towards certain perspectives, many television shows and stories are also capable of leaving an impact. Anne with an E is a significant television show because it leaves an impact regarding personal, community and a national perspective towards audiences. So how and to what extent does Anne with an E impact these three perspectives?

From books and other forms of art all comes from imagination and creativity. What makes stories so great comes within these factors as every thought considered from imagination is unique. Anne always had such a way with words, she would describe visions with so much passion and every sentence was cherished by her friends with her own unique way of expressing them. Anne’s creativity is very relatable because creativity is one of the ways to share one’s soul to the world. It is so relatable because creativity is another word for intelligence but the difference is that it is intelligence but intelligence having fun. This applies to Anne’s personality which makes this film even more intriguing and valuable. Another reason why Anne with an E is such a good television show is because it portrays a wide range of emotions. This film addresses the importance of love, kindness, family and friendship. It is a series of heart-breaking events that started with Anne’s adoptive guardians, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert not wanting her because they expected a boy. This event soon turns into a beautiful heart-warming story as the Cuthberts grow emotionally attached to Anne as three loving family members. With its amazing storyline there is one thing that does not change which is Anne and Diana’s friendship. Diana was always there for Anne since day one and has never judged her for being an orphan or acting different compared to the other girls. It represents such a wonderful true meaning of friendship that everyone desires to have.

Moving on to a more controversial topic, Anne with an E addresses many points regarding the visions of society. Addressing events of racism that happened in the film was very saddening and unfair to the black community during the 1870s in Canada. The purpose of addressing racism in this television show is relevant and important because it gets introduced to more black characters with their own nuanced experiences. This played an important role in the film starting in season two, as Anne and Gilbert go down a very intersectional road. Gilbert goes on a journey to find a better job outside his community. Along on his journey, he goes through the process of checking his white privilege as he establishes a strong friendship with Sabastian. From this scene, it represents the contrast between what it’s like to live life from a white perspective and being black. Gilbert having that strong friendship with Sabastian means much more than that, Gilbert learns a life lesson and continues to see the challenges black people face in the small community. Another strong topic the film strongly addressed was feminism. Feminism is a movement to have equal opportunities and the strive of empowerment of women’s rights. Anne didn’t like the idea that girls had to do certain roles and wasn’t allowed to have the same opportunities as boys. This idea has continued to progress throughout the series and has left a significant impact on women rights. In addition, this has transformed the lives in the small town of Avonlea. 

Lastly, Anne with an E impacts from a national perspective because this television show series reflects upon Canadian identity. It represents what life in Prince Edwards Island was like during the 1870s. With a series of events representing attire, behaviours, racism and slavery it shows historical accuracies in Canada. This television show relates to Canadian resources and problems Canadians used to face such as finding certain jobs, food and security. These all correspond to Canadian identity however, the strongest form of this was the introduction of indigenous people in season three. Anne establishes a friendship with Ka’kwet, who is an indigenous girl living with her family in the outskirts of town. The scene of indigenous people being violently mistreated is unfortunately a big part of Canadian history and represents indigenous children being forced to attend residential schools and being taken away from their families. The addressing of indigenous peoples in this film is significant to a national perspective because it shows how Canadian this television show is. Another reason why Anne with an E represents Canadian identity is because this show was first released in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation network. CBC soon cancelled the show. However, as it started to become more popular, it became released on Netflix and has reached more audiences. With the ability of reaching more variety of audiences, it encouraged more viewers to pay attention towards a Canadian perspective and left a positive impact on Canadian film industries. 

In conclusion, Anne with an E has addressed the impact regarding personal, community and national perspectives. With its amazing storyline focusing on the importance of love, kindness, family and friendship, it is a beautiful heart-warming story with really good scenery. This television show is not afraid to address big controversial topics in the film, as it is important and is still a big concern in society to this day. Seeing the characters witnessing racism in the film and introduction of more black characters was very relevant so more audiences can understand exactly what it is. Many communities are still striving towards equal rights and opportunities for women which was another significant scenery throughout the show. Last but not least, the recognition of indigenous people encouraged Canadian perspective as it is based on Canadian historical events. As mre variety of audiences watched this television show, Canadian film industries are being heard among the dominant American films. As more films and television shows address these topics in an appropriate and formal manner, it can spread more awareness of such issues and leave an impact on others whether that would be personal, community or a national way.

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