Anything Valuable Will Expire

Valuables in life are a number of items, objects, and much more, that we cherish as individuals, including times, people, objects, and beyond.  Sometimes, practically any human being will eventually suffer a significant loss in his life that will torment him indefinitely through memory. Such a memory compared to the one of a song or a video on  replay. 

A common solution given for this is to deny that this happened, by doing so by encouraging their spirit to tell themselves this thing, this person, etc. Continually exists; moreover, they might try to erase the cherished recollections of it so much that they attempt a complete erasure of its existence in their life.

I have experienced emotional grief in my life. I can recollect that in those times of pain, I had made various bad decisions on how I went about ongoing pain. When I was 1 ½ years old, I had been separated from the connection between my father and mother, having been stuck in an apartment. I spent little time with my parents during this early stage of my life, forced to stay at a daycare center every day of the week.

However, the joint solution is not a safe solution to a long-term cure. My belief is that the utmost exceptional solution for such a thing is coming to terms with your unfortunate loss, accept that it happened and nothing can change it, mend it, or replace such a thing. After you have done all of that, you would have presumptively experienced the stages of grief, leaving your horrendous memory all but a reminder of the valuable times spent with that person, in that memory, glorifying an object of personal significance, etc.

With that in mind, all things in life eventually expire. This is almost a fact, if not reality, for anything valuable in life. So, by not dealing with your tension of such loss, you are damaging your mental state and your general happiness. Moreover, if precious things did not expire, we would not be able to move forward in life as a human being has always done. By moving forward doing the right thing, you can move forward in life by meeting new people, amassing more things to cherish. 

In my experience of counseling, I have come to realize that such a remedy results in fooling yourself into untruth. At a young age, I was sent to counseling for a number of reasons related to trauma and issues in life that could not come to pass from my mind. In doing what I currently know works, which is what I believe in, has left me able to solve problems once thought inconceivable to overcome.

Along that, embracing not just a singular being, item, moment, but instead every last bit of value in life should be bundled up and treated as one. In doing, so by having a loss, a terrible memory that won’t disappear, and beyond that, you can easily gaze past that individual loss or moment. Even more so,  refusing to allow oversight to taint your mind, creating that stable balance so in losing what you always held so dearly, for you won’t be as weakened going ahead.

I used to hold too much of my appraisal on meaningful material things, as well as materialistic things of little personal value. Whenever I lost someone or something of personal value I went through the pain, looked forward at everything I’ve been provided in life and moved on.

A prime example of this is when I lost my grandfather. I stood strong for my grandmother because she had lost her entire world. I couldn’t stand by and perpetually grieve over such a thing eternally, so I took it upon myself to mourn our loss for an entire day, then I comforted those who had felt the pain, almost symbolically transferring their pain to me, then into nothingness.

In doing all of this, you might have a final glare back at such a terrible reminder, think about a life lesson or just what you yourself had or have now learned from it, not as a negative learning experience, but as a method to effectively grow your character as a human being. Just as expiration dates exist for a reason, those moments that enact such dates, then as its inevitable arrival should be recognized as bearing any sort of undeniable reason for happening.

The basis of expiration dates in my opinion and definition of such an idea stems from the overall purpose of destiny. As such it is my high held belief that all things valuable expire.



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