Application Essay Example Living Life Inside A Bubble

Application Essay Example Living Life Inside A Bubble
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📌Published: 26 March 2021

When I was a kid I would always ask my mom if we were rich, and every time her response would be, “yes, rich in love.” At that age I would just get upset and storm off because she wouldn't answer the question the way that I wanted but deep down I knew she wouldn't answer it any other way. I was quite aware that we lived in a very wealthy area but something about the house I lived in compared to all of my other friends made me always ask that question. In recent years though, I have become more aware of that question and my mother’s answer and I have come to the conclusion that the answer is “I don't know.” Maybe if I had an outside perspective, I would know the answer but for right now, I'm stuck in the bubble. The Northern Virginia area is very wealthy and especially the Langley High School district. Many of the people that go to the school are well off or not afraid of spending money. We live in an area where it is expected for everyone to go to college and you are deemed as unintelligent if you do not. Even though I have lived in the same house my entire life with the same people, I still feel like an outsider looking in.

My job that I got over the summer as a hostess at my local restaurant has helped me see outside of the bubble even though it is only five minutes from my house. I work with a diverse group of people, ranging from the ages of 15 to 45.  I drive to work everyday in my 2006 Ford Escape that I bought from my neighbors for almost $2,000 and compared to everyone that goes to Langley, I probably have one of the oldest cars in the parking lot. However compared to the people I work with, I am fortunate. A majority of my coworkers either take the bus, ride their bike or uber to work. In the bubble it's either one decision or the wrong decision. From my personal experience I have noticed that there are high and unrealistic expectations in areas with wealthy residents.  I have seen kids cry over a grade because they believed they would disappoint their parents but in my family, my parents tell me to do my best and they will support me no matter what.

Personally, I feel more comfortable with the people I work with than the people I go to school with. Outgoing, energetic work Lydia is very different from shy, introverted school Lydia. It’s ironic how one person can have two different personalities in two different settings. At school I can't relate to the LuluLemon outfits walking down the halls because I am the one in the t-shirts and shorts, but at work everyone wearing the same uniform makes it easier and builds more community. I don’t feel out of place at work, being at school I feel like I can't be myself like I can at work because a majority of people are different and accepting of it.

Living in this area has taught me to be more appreciative of where I live and how my family has raised me. Even though I dont have the nicest house in Great Falls or the newest car in the Langley Parking lot I am appreciative of the food on my table, the car that I do have, the family that I have and the life that I live. The people in the bubble don’t realize what they are missing out on from the outside and hopefully I can be the one to pop it. I hope in my future to expand the minds of my friends and show them what it is like to be outside the bubble and later on live outside it as well.


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