Application Essay Sample: University of Victoria

Application Essay Sample: University of Victoria
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Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for taking the time to assess my official application, and the opportunity to apply at your esteemed school. My interest in pursuing a masters in the field of business was something that I have been visualizing, and pursuing ever since i graduated highschool and was even more apparent the day i received my bachelors. After a period of extensive research, I came to the conclusion that your (university) is the perfect place for me to continue my graduate studies in Global business, not only will it contribute positively to my growth, but also expand my knowledge in all aspects of business  on an international scale, while attending your study programme that is uniquely constructed to be thought in three different continents. I would fulfill a long dream of mine, and would consider it a great success and Honor to represent Your school to the best of my abilities.

Finding out about The Master of Global business program at University of Victoria was truly a pleasant surprise. Having the Option to study abroad is something I was actively seeking, but discovering that I could study a graduate program in three different countries in the span of a year or more and at the end  doing a Global paid internship, was a unique and exciting proposition. Master of global management Path four is the path that I would like to be enrolled in, and there are many reasons as to why I settled on that choice. 

Firstly, the program is going to be taught in three continents, North America, Europe and Asia which is a huge advantage as it will allow me to gain insightful knowledge, and experience on three locations that are known for their cultural impact on an international level, quality of education as well as their business practices. Canada is known worldwide by it’s high quality education, and it’s openness to international students across the Globe, not only that but also it’s cosmopolitan and multicultural environment enables students to get quickly acclimated to that diverse ecosystem that truly enriches the learning experience. Furthemore, module one titled “fundamentals'' deals with business on a global scale, taking on a plethora of interesting subjects in different specializations from a Global point of view such as logistics and supply chain, leadership and cultural intelligence,  North American business context and so much more. This combination of courses allows for a robust understanding, an in-depth outlook On Global business as well as a brief study on The North American business experience. 

Additionally, the next destination in this exciting Global educational expedition is Scotland, an incredibly underrated country when it comes to quality of education. Scottish universities are associated with excellence, and having the chance to study albeit for a brief period at one the most prestigious and renowned Higher education institutes in the University of Glasgow would be a life changing experience. Based in the largest city in Scotland, The University of Glasgow is one the best study Hubs in the world for international students, it has continuously held high standards, and the Master of Global Business is no exception. The section of the  program offers various courses that are presented from an International point of view such as Global leadership as well as a comprehensive introduction and a focused outlook on business from a European context in two courses. With its methodically constructed modules, variety of courses as well as the international experience it provides in Europe, it would be a humbling  opportunity to take part of this business journey in Glasgow, and would Mark an important milestone in my international academic quest.

Furthermore, the last stop would be Thailand, although it might not be the most attractive study destination for international students, but for MGB students studying in Chulalongkorn university is an incredible advantage and a fitting final destination to an already informative educational Business program. located in Bangkok, besides being the oldest university in Thailand, it is widely recognized to be the best university in the country, and at large one of the best in Asia, and that is due to various reasons such as it’s cost effective lifestyle, it’s strong ties to international universities and business institutes in both Europe and North america,  as well as it’s friendly attitude towards foreign students and expats. This part of the MGB program will enable me to delve into business practices from an Asian stand point, and obtain hands-on experience through providing consultation to Asian based Global businesses. This proactive method of learning  will provide an invaluable experience that will consequently put into action the global business expertise, theoretical knowledge and opinions on various issues to the firm. Doing so, by taking a number of courses that will strengthen their comprehension, and provide them with a holistic understanding in all aspects of business to confidently deal with the issues that are directly affecting Global business firms in Asia. The module will aid attendees to deal with these issues, propose effective solutions by studying a wide range of courses such as Global leadership and cultural intelligence, the Asia business context, as well as consulting methods and practice. 

Lastly, The MGB program gives it’s students the opportunity to partake in a global paid internship that will give them the opportunity to apply all the knowledge accumulated on this rich and diverse study  program. adding it one more reason as to why i feel this program is an incredible opportunity for me to develop myself, step out of my comfort zone and be part of a unique and life changing Master’s program. Path four is the preferred choice for me personally, but would be satisfied with either Path, as i believe that the concept of studying global business with a Cohort and obtaining a hands-on learning experience in different countries situated in three distinct continents is what makes this program special, and i would be honoured to participate in this once in a lifetime experience.

For all the aforementioned reasons, my qualifications and experience in business, paired with my passion for entrepreneurship and adventure, I am confident that it   will set me apart from other applicants. If you accept my application, I intend to make the most out of my time at university of Victoria , and gain insightful knowledge and valuable skills through your unequal study program.

Thank you for considering my application. It would be my honor to join the University of Victoria, I eagerly await the decision of the committee.

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