Application Essay to Boston College

Application Essay to Boston College
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📌Published: 06 April 2021

Boston, a city filled with action, optimism, and opportunity that is home to the Red Sox and the annual Boston Marathon. The seasonal changes from fall to winter and the shivering temperatures make Boston an enjoyable city. In addition to these great areas, Boston College is a prestigious school focused on the academic achievement of its students. The institution achieves this goal by preaching this motto through a Catholic and Jesuit curriculum. Boston College impresses me because of its focus on religion, its internship and career opportunities, and its sense of community and family. 

Ever since I was born, I was taught the importance of Jesus and the sacrifices he made in order for everyone to be alive today. Every Sunday, I would attend my local church and pray with others who feel the same appreciation for Christ. Throughout my adolescence, I would attend Catholic School and learn about the different verses from the Bible, from Exodus to Corinthians. My teacher would extract important quotes or phrases said in each verse and tell us how they could be applied to life. Attending mass and growing up in a Catholic household has made me realize the importance of Jesus. Knowing that he will always be by my side and that he is someone that I can pray to brings me comfort. Since Boston College is an institution that focuses on a Jesuit education, I would want to be a part of the church. Participating at church, whether through singing or by speaking will help me grow a stronger connection to my Catholic faith. I believe that being engaged and involved in religious activities at Boston College will help me strive for excellence. By finding other students who believe in Christ, Boston College will allow me to express my religion in a comfortable and fun environment. 

I believe that Boston College is situated in a great location, one that can benefit me through future internships and a potential job. Because I want to major in finance, there are many companies that interest me including LPL Financial and American Tower. Since Boston is a large city, this can allow me to create a numerous amount of connections. Networking is an important part for any major and being near Boston, a busy city, would allow me to expand my connections with companies. The opportunity that lies in Boston gives it a great advantage over other universities. 

When looking into Boston College, I realized the strong academic profile that the institution has for its students. The Carroll School of Management has not only one of the top business programs, but one of the top finance programs. This is important because I believe that a great location and program go hand and hand. Throughout my life, academics has been my number one priority and I appreciate a school whose motto is based on the idea to strive for excellence. With a great location and great program, I believe that Boston College would be a perfect fit. 

Boston College provides many opportunities to its students and focuses on its Catholic and Jesuit practices. Being at Boston College would allow me to practice my faith and also allow me to focus on my academics. Not only do I enjoy the academics at Boston College,  but the feeling of community and family. Being from New Jersey, I would visit New York City quite often whether it was during Christmas time or to see a musical. Boston reminds me of New York not only because of the opportunity present, but also through the connection I have to my family. When I went to Boston, I was astonished by the similarities I saw compared to New York. Boston will give me a sense of comfort and its focus on faith, the amount of opportunity and their strong academic profile is why I want to be a student at Boston College.

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