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  • Published: 15 May 2021
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By applying the most beneficial leadership traits and drivers, one can complete set goals more effectively. Doing so requires a comprehensive understanding of leadership fundamentals (Casse, 2014). To facilitate a long-lasting relationship with the individuals at ABC Animal Rescue, one must possess these well-developed leadership skills. Furthermore, demonstrating specific traits will have the most impact in this scenario. Energy paired with passion and vision is the bedrock of establishing quality relationships at ABC Animal Shelter. 

Leadership Drivers

By evaluating the drivers, I discovered that I scored highest in focus and challenge, and the lesser developed were energy and speed. I would naturally play to these strengths by using them for most problems. My keenest drivers do tend to be better suited for solo work and motivating like-minded individuals; however, not all situations necessitate using these tools. Fundraising, for example, involves getting buy-in from others. 

Energy is critical to boosting community engagement at the shelter. Casse (2014) indicated that energy requires maintaining stamina and standing up for one's beliefs. Spending quality time with patrons and sharing the shelter's message will significantly increase community engagement. A marvelous example is when, "Your level of energy, in terms of leadership qualities, determines your effectiveness to influence those around you" (Hopkins, 2016). Without this skill, it becomes a much more difficult task to rally those around us toward a common goal.

An open house is a clever way to showcase this energy. Having community members interact with volunteers, animals, and each other promotes awareness and builds a meaningful connection with the shelter. I would ensure the space is open, inviting, and filled with the volunteers who make the organization possible. I would also provide experts on-site to discuss animals' benefits to our lives. By fostering community engagement through these actions, the overall mission to adopt animals becomes everyone's goal.

Leadership Traits

After reviewing leadership traits, my leading characteristics are strategizing and innovating; however, I do not feel that these are entirely sufficient for this context. While they are essential to success, it is not something the patrons need to concern themselves with during their visit. These talents are primarily involved in ensuring the organization's long-term success. The best way to utilize these traits is during pre-planning for the event. They provide the blueprints for the function and information we will need to accomplish our goals.  

Out of the ten traits, there are two worth investigating further in this scenario. Vision gives us a sense of direction, while passion keeps us motivated (Jones, 2015).  I have personally noticed that it can be more challenging to stay on task and get results without being enthusiastic. Having a clear vision provides the momentum for a passionate presentation to achieve the desired results.


Maintaining balanced leadership skills is essential to provide everyone at ABC Animal Shelter with a positive experience. While all the drivers and traits are valuable in leadership, some are better suited. I have demonstrated that one can achieve this by leveraging a spectrum of drivers and traits. Energy, vision, and passion are characteristics that can have a synergistic effect when utilized. Using them appropriately paves the way to success.


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