Are Animal Lives As Important As Human Lives?

Over one million animals are affected by the trash that humans dump into the ocean, (“Sea Turtle Conservancy”). As humans, we need animals and the environment to be healthy so that we can continue to thrive. Dumping trash and other pollution into our environment negatively affects humans as well as animals.  However, if we prioritize the needs of animals and the environment, our needs as humans will also be met. Therefore, the needs of animals and the planet are more important than the needs of people.

Obviously, humans usually care more about themselves. However, if we put the needs of animals and the planet first we could continue to thrive and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.¨Today we dumped another 70 million tons of pollution into the thin shell of our earth's atmosphere as if we were an open sewer¨ (Nobel Speech, Al Gore.) This proves how many animals are affected everyday by trash.

On the other hand some people may say that the needs of people are more important.Humans are the reason for all the hurt animals and the broken environment and now we have to fix it.¨Today we dumped another 70 million tons of pollution into our earth's atmosphere¨ (Al Gore). This is really important and just shows how much we are harming the earth and the animals in it.

To conclude the needs of animals and the environment are more important. Humans usually think more of themselves and we can help animals if we change the way we think. According to the ecologist over 37 species have become extinct because of dumping trash. We need to use less plastic in our everyday lives and we need to fix the way we are living. If we start using compostable materials we can change the way we and all the animals live. Animals and the environment need us and we need to start changing now.


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