Argumentative Animal Testing Essay Example

Animal testing has been around for a long time in the medical field. Some people say it's the best way to decide whether products are safe for humans to consume. Other's believe that there is no point in it, and there are other methods to find out if medication, vaccine, etc. are safe. There is absolutely no reason why scientists have to test on animals. 

The first reason why there is no point in using animals to test on is it can affect humans and animals differently.  In the second passage, it stated, " Just because monkeys or rats die form a medication does not mean that is will have the same effects on humans."  Yes some animals are like humans, but it still does not mean they will react the same. Plus if something kills a human does not mean it would kill the animal getting testing on. Even a scientists could not find a high enough does to kill a rat, but it had severe negative effects on human fetuses. 

Another reason why it's not necessary to use animals to test on is the cost. For a DNA synthesis test the cost on an animal compared to the  human cells is crazy, there is about a $20,000 differences. In the second passage it stated, " The US National Institute of Health spends about half of its 31-billion-dollar annual budget on animal research alone." It would be a great financial move to stop the test on animals. 

The last reason why we should not use animals to test on, is we can use human cells. Instead of animal being killed ever time people testing on them. Now scientist can test on living human cells in petri dishes. In the second passage It mentioned, " Synthetic human skin products can be used to test the effects of makeup on human skin." This mean we have a lot of other opportunities then just animals to test on. Yes in the first passage it said, " If we used humans for these, research could take more than 200 years, while, while with mice, it can take less than 10 years." but it would not be on humans in would be on cell from a human, and not so many animals would die. 


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