Argumentative Essay On Killing Animals

Argumentative Essay On Killing Animals
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📌Published: 30 April 2021

When people are bored and just want to kill animals for pleasure, it is harmful and can unbalance the ecosystem that the animal was in. By doing that, can also harm the Earth. When one animal dies, there is a ripple effect. This means that it can affect a lot of other animals or living species. It allows problems, predicaments, destruction, and there are many victims of hunting. There can be shooting accidents, destruction to property, and can cause problems in the ecosystem. Which can ultimately affect us, especially if we were involved as a victim or culprit. Even though hunting animals can cause positive effects, such as, control of animals. Killing animals for entertainment is a crime in many ways. 

When we hunt animals for a sport, it has negative effects on the Earth. (Turtenwald) shows that 12,000 years ago, people hunted animals such as Woolly Mammoths for survival. When that happened, the species went extinct. And back then, they hunted for survival, so imagine if they were hunting for pleasure or sport. Another instance, (Turtenwald) presents is how, if hunting is not controlled, there can be more of one species which could cause unintended effects. What she means by this is if hunters hunt bears and kill most of the bear species in Yellowstone National Park, for example, the prey of the bears will start to overpopulate. If the bear’s main prey is deer, the deer would overpopulate. And they would eventually start eating more plants, which can cause a decrease in the plant species. Therefore, hunting animals for entertainment can have many repugnant effects on Earth. Also, when we hunt for delight, it can cause problems, destruction, and many animals or people can be affected. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)) shows how shooting mishaps can kill animals, humans, and damage property. An example of this happening was in 2006. Vice President Dick Cheney shot a friend while hunting a quail. In the U.S.A, thousands of hunting accident injuries occur every year with humans only. Another example that (PETA) reveals is that there are many victims of hunting. When dogs are used for hunting, the owner usually doesn’t need the dog after the hunting season. They then release the dog into the wild to die. Dogs can also get lost during hunts, which can lead to them dying too. Both of these reasons show how hunting can cause environments to suffer. However, hunting can positively affect the environment. 

(Holy City Sinner) talks about how hunting can help the environment. They show how when animals overpopulate, due to not hunting, they end up suffering. This is because they start to eat more which exhausts the amount of food supply they have. This can cause many other problems down the road. And because of that, there can be many negative effects and confusion. However, when we hunt for a sport, we are killing the animal without using it for a beneficial purpose. And if we hunt too much, it can unbalance the ecosystem and eventually affect the animals in it. Either way, our ecosystem is very sensitive and can be unbalanced easily. So, we should try not to overhunt, which hunting for fun can cause. Another example the (Holy City Sinner) speaks about is how if we hunt, we can protect plant species. When we hunt animals, we are allowing the animal’s food choice to thrive. If the animal ate plants, the plant species would thrive because there is no animal there to control it. However, if we are allowing the plant species to thrive, it would eventually lead to the plant overpopulating. Therefore, hunting can affect the environment in more negative than positive ways.

From negative effects on the Earth to damage, circumstances, and dilemmas. Hunting causes many problems. An example of a dilemma that has occurred from this, is injuries from hunting accidents. Many reasons show how hunting can cause multiple problems. When we look at the past, many animal extinctions came from excessive hunting. Even when people had to hunt for food, many species went extinct. And if they were hunting for a sport, many more would have become obsolete too. However, with a delicate balance, hunting can prove to be useful. This is because it controls the number of animals. When we hunt for entertainment, it can cause many problems such as extinction, dilemmas, damage, and painful death. This proves that shooting for a sport should not be tolerated, so in conclusion, hunting for amusement should be viewed as a crime.

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