Argumentative Essay on Milk First or Cereal First?

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  • Published: 19 May 2021
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Cinnamon toast crunch, frosted flakes, rice krispies, I could go on and on. All of these are very popular cereal brands but do you know what else they have in common? NONE of them put the milk first in their advertisements. In fact they all make a point of showing the milk being poured second, with a high view of milk being poured into the mountains of cereal already in the bowl. If that's not enough to convince you already, think about the fact that when you put the milk before the cereal because you can get more even and mixed bites of cereal and milk all while making less of a mess. Therefore putting the cereal first is clearly the only smart and undeniably right option. Yet some people think differently, pouring the milk first or not putting any milk in at all. Those people are very bizzare.  

First of all, it is easier to get more equal bites of cereal and milk when you pour the milk second. No one wants a mouthful of dry cereal or a mouthful of only milk. This has been proved to myself and Hiba on multiple occasions when we went to get some of this yummy treat. There are a lot of other people online who agree as well. “If your going to put milk in first, your ****  floats to the top of it and the proportion of cereal and milk is ruined for the whole meal¨ - (Madamenoire). As you can see, Madamenoire clearly states that when putting the milk first, getting balanced bites of both cereal and milk becomes arduous. Henceforth, the glaringly obvious option is to, of course, put the cereal first. 

Our next point is gravity, the thing that makes things fall and keeps us rooted to the earth, due to gravity, when you pour the cereal second, the gravitational pull that forces it into the cereal will cause the milk to splash all over. Who would want a milky, cerealy mess everywhere when all they were trying to do was eat this scrumptious food? If you use a little simple reasoning, you'll see this can all be avoided by putting the milk in second. Others prefer to, as they say “I like to see cereal island disappear into the ocean of milk” - (Madamenoire). This is referring to, when you put the milk first, because of surface tension, the cereal will all float on top of the milk which is our third argument. While some like this, I find it bothersome and find it makes it harder to get bites of both cereal and milk without making a mess. You see, if all the cereal is floating on top, when you try to get some cereal and milk together in one bite, it is very likely that the cereal will spill all over. That is something that you want to evade at all costs.

Our fourth point is, when putting the cereal first, it also gives you a lot more ways to drink the leftover milk if you pour too much milk in the first place. Many people believe that if you pour the milk before the cereal, you’ll pour too much milk and have uneven ratios of cereal and milk. The types of people who argue this are not the sharpest tools in the shed. You see, the option that you put too much milk in is rare in the first place. Even if this does indeed happen,  you still have a few options of how to consume this leftover milk. You can either a), drink all that sugary delicious milk, b), add some more cereal and just keep eating or c), dump out that milk. These solutions have been proven to work multiple times when Russell, James and myself have been eating this delightful food. All these quick fixes have been suggested by the website Tylt as well.

As another option, you could eat the cereal dry. By that I mean eating the cereal without any milk or other liquid. This method takes less time to prepare as you do not need to trouble yourself with a second ingredient. It also means you can save money because you now need to buy less milk. Many celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner preferred this way up until they tried cereal with milk as Kylie said on her twitter, “ Last night I had cereal with milk for the first time, life changing”. I agree with Kylie, liking dry cereal up until I tried cereal with milk. I now find that when eating cereal without milk, the cereal is much too plain and crumbly whereas when you add milk, it brings the meal to a whole new level. 

55.5% of people who completed a Tylt survey claim to put the cereal before the milk. That is 44.5% of people putting milk first too many. You see, only peculiar people choose to put the milk first, it makes a mess, all the cereal floats on top, etc… This “cereal stalemate” has gone on for too long when the obvious choice all along has been to put the cereal first. Nothing good comes of putting the milk first, it is basically equivalent to the worst possible thing happening. For example, the entire world getting destroyed by a radioactive bomb is almost on the same level as putting the cereal second. For instance, if putting the cereal first is like a field full of flowers, putting the milk first is like an awful polluted city full of garbage. As you can see, putting the milk first is an absolute abomination and should never, ever, under any circumstances be done.


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