Argumentative Essay on Term Limits for the Supreme Court

Argumentative Essay on Term Limits for the Supreme Court
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

The Supreme Court plays a very important role in the constitutional system. They are the highest court in the county and can make huge law based decisions that affect the entire United States.  As one of the biggest courts, this is the other courts last resort for those who are seeking the justice they want or need. They also make sure every branch in the government knows the limits of their power. The Supreme Court, “protects civil rights and liberties by striking down laws that violate the Constitution.” This ensures that changing the views of the majority doesn't change the values that are seen in most Americans. Many people have seen that the decisions from the Supreme Court don't only affect the judges and lawyers but also high school students. The high schoolers are affected largely because, “the Supreme Court has ruled on issues surrounding discrimination, general funding, first amendment rights, collective bargaining of teachers, private aid, desegregation, immigrant student access to education, funding disparities between poor and wealthy school districts, standards of education for special-education students, and more” (Stiltner). As we get into this essay, it will show many benefits of someone serving for a lifetime and what problems they might run into as they get to an older age. 

As many people serve in The Supreme Court, they are more likely to serve for their lifetime.  Because they serve for a lifetime, there are many benefits to other people. One of the benefits is that most justices become unbiased. This is because they have lived through so many different presidents and experienced different situations with them. Another benefit with justices serving a lifetime is it, “ensure that the justices are insulated from political pressure and that the court can serve as a truly independent branch of government” (Ferro). Although most justices serve for their lifetime, they are also problems they run into throughout their time.

Although serving for a lifetime as a justice might sound good, there are many problems they face down the road. One problem they face is old age. Old age causes their mental health to decrease and causes them to not always think clearly. Another important problem that affects the judges is intellectual autopilot. They have found that many judges “have come close to putting themselves on autopilot while their clerks have plugged into their new opinions the logic of their old opinions, with liberal dollops of the clerks' own logic” (Taylor Jr.). These are just a few of the problems the Judges run into, but there are much more to be talked about.

If we were to place term limits for the Supreme Court there would be many advantages and disadvantages that would occur. An important advantage for the term limits is all ages of judges could have the chance to be nominated. Joseph Lyons states, “Right now most presidents nominate younger people to the Supreme Court so that they will stay on longer, have more influence, and ensure a liberal or conservative tilt to the court.”  This could be helpful because the age wouldn’t necessarily matter and judges could have much more experience. Another advantage for this is no problems with mental decrepitude. Having no metal decrepitude is very important, “Professor Eastman tells Bustle that "the major 'pro' is that it avoids judges working well into their 80s, beyond the point of being able to do the job." Lastly, a disadvantage in having a term limit is, it could make the Supreme Court become more political. This can change the way the public looks at the court and it makes them connect it more to the election and not as independent (Merrill). Although these are important advantages and disadvantages, there are many others that are just as important.


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