Argumentative Research Essay On Immigration

Argumentative Research Essay On Immigration
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📌Published: 13 March 2021

There are many problems that come with migration. Immigration, typically known as migration, is the international movement of people to a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship. In order to move, some difficult choices need to be made. Who is leaving, when, for how long, where to, and why is this the best option at the time. All of these have long lasting effects on those left behind, specifically children. While not all immigration scenarios result in negative outcomes, the majority do, therefore causing harm in a variety of ways to the children being separated from their parents. 

One cannot deny that long-term parent–child separation through serial migration can affect a child’s mental state and communication skills. Due to the strong connection between a parent and child, it is common sense that the separation would create some turmoil for the child. “Among children who are left behind when their parents migrate to the U.S., they first experience a life-changing disruption to familial attachments: separation from parents” (Greenfield, 263). This is where the beginning of their problems begin. The initial shock of abandonment could easily lead them to question themselves. They might blame themselves for them leaving. In some cases, they will join their parents, but this causes a second disruption to familial attachments. Being separated from their other guardian, typically a grandparent, would be a second disruption. Nonetheless, these situations create a communication barrier between the children and anyone around them. They could find it difficult to express themselves verbally, or even emotionally. That being said, their first negative effect is established, which may lead to more down the road.


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