Arguments for Free Healthcare Essay Example

Do you sometimes sit in sorrow because you need something that is hard to obtain?

Money is not something everyones has a lot of, and because of that people might be in pain since they can’t afford things like medicine or healthcare. Hospitals in some areas make you pay thousands of dollars just for getting you healthy again. It doesn’t seem very fair, other medical supporters don’t believe that you should have to pay high amounts of money, to provide health care to people that can’t pay it. I believe that everyone should have the ability to access medical care no matter how much money they have.

In some opinions people are upset because they have to pay  in order to save their life. Not only can hospital fees be difficult to manage, but also additional implements like medicine. An average prescribed medicine can cost up to 1,200 dollars. People can become deep in debt if they don’t pay their doctor fees. There are money saving apps  for medicine like GoodRx but not everyone has a cell phone and is able to get discounts.

Even though people have made inventions or apps to make healthcare expenses easier it doesn’t solve everyone’s problem.  The less fortunate people can avoid going to the doctor because of the expenses. Some might know that they are sick and need help but don’t seek help because of the prices of the  appointment or which doctor they need to see. I think that healthcare should be financed by taxpayer money so it could support those that can't support themselves.

Using the taxpayer money  could save a lot more people’s lives than having them paying for themselves. I think the government isn’t doing things like this yet because they are worried about paying the doctors. 

Besides I still believe that using this solution would be a better way to solve the welfare and health of others.


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