Article Review: How much does my farm emit?

Article Review: How much does my farm emit?
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đź“ŚPublished: 16 March 2021

The article “How much does my farm emit?” is about how Animal Feeding Operations (AFO’s) are put into consideration about how it concerns the health of humans, animals, and our climate. It is said that farm odors contribute to more than 200 different chemicals. Some of these chemicals include Volatile Organic Compounds, Ammonia, and Hydrogen sulfide. There has been a total of 175 complaints from 2007-2099 about odors from farms. Ammonia is the gas emits from the afo’s when the conventions of inefficient feed of nitrogen into animal products. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is produced by the decomposition of animal manure and when it's released from crude petroleum, natural gas, volcanic gases, liquid manure, sewage sludge, landfills, and sulfur hot springs it can cause damage to people and the environment. You can’t miss the smell of hydrogen sulfide because it has a rotten egg smell to it. The workplace concentration limits of 10 ppm are recommended. The odor from them can be detected at as low as 0.5 ppm. Yes, animals’ manure can harm the environment and people if close to it for long periods but if we eliminated everything bad for the environment and people, then we would hardly even be living. Farmers have their regulations on them for it and get lawsuits on them all the time so unless everyone was to eat lab-based “meat” and so-called “milk” then people need to realize it's a part of life.

Odors from farms from animals are from the by-products of microbial decomposition of the manure and other organic matter. Odor complaints from 2007-2009 were 175 which is not bad at all. The farm orders are said to contain more than 200 different chemicals such as VOC, NH3, and H2S. The way it's measured is really by the human nose and olfactometry evacuation standards. People believe farm orders are a nuisance but there is no way around that unless you get rid of all the farms but then there’s your issue… you will have no food because farmers are what keep you alive. Lots of farms with high numbers of animals usually buy out all the land around them and the land just sits as a border so people can live right next to the farm and then consistently complain about the smell. Being raised around diaries and working with dairy’s I don’t find the smell that hard to put up with, I think people these days just like to whine and complain about every little thing they can. 

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