At the End of The Road. Research Paper Example

At the End of The Road. Research Paper Example
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📌Published: 16 March 2021

Aren’t we all tired of starving ourselves, setting unrealistic and rigorous standards, so we can put our lives at risk? Those who are reducing, seem to set up dangerous measures for themselves, these strictly monitored plans, can cause serious health concerns, which I for one am here to discuss.You do not know what is waiting for you at the end of the road you are taking. Let me direct you to the correct path, cardiovascular diseases are waiting for you, type 2 diabetes are waiting for you, depression is waiting for you, and unfortunately, sometimes death is waiting for you on pins and needles. 

Do not wait for the diseases to crawl up to you and slowly eat you alive; you have to be aware of all the side effects dieting has on your health, then you can decide either to follow a diet plan or not. First,I think you have the wrong definition of dieting. Dieting is following an organized plan for eating, created by an expert (Dietitian), so technically, your diet must include your daily portion of carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, lipids and fat, fruits, and vegetables. 

I know this girl, she was overweight, she decided to follow a diet plan she created on her own. She cut all sources of carbs. And after a period of time, she lost a massive amount of weight, and her body looked amazing. But after a year, her hair started to fall, and she went through depression, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. When she went to a therapist, they told her that the reason for her depression is because she is not eating any carbs, since carbs include Serotonin which is a hormone that makes us happy. Furthermore, I believe that diet plans created by experts will provide you with a varied diet based on the five food groups in the photo alongside, and by that you will be able to prevent any side effects. 

A 2017 study proved that a diet including the correct portion of the five food groups, was linked with a lower risk of depression. Whereas a diet that does not include your proper portion of the five food groups or has a higher portion of them, was linked to a higher risk of depression.

Moreover, diets high in fats, calories and cholesterol increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases. But if your diet is balanced, you do not have to worry about type 2 diabetes, nor heart diseases. 

Renata Micha, study author, and research assistant professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, stated, “We combed through studies and data to look at the cumulative effects of poor diet on what we call cardiometabolic diseases — heart disease, stroke, and diabetes — and determined that nearly half of all deaths are linked to poor diet,” 

Some disease are caused by poor diets; yet they can be prevented by balanced diets, these balanced diet plans are set by A DIETITIAN. Therefore, I believe that you cannot choose what you want to eat and what you do not want to eat, since you are not an expert you would not know your exact portion of the five food groups so technically you will only harm your health. 

Chronic diseases —including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer— account for some of the most common health problems in the United States, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Since many of these chronic diseases are caused by poor diets and lifestyle choices; they can be prevented by balanced diets and lifestyle choices. 

I know a lot of you may find this topic frivolous, but think about it, (20%) of the population are dying from poor diet, and that is a gargantuan amount of people. You are probably thinking, what should I do to help? It is quite simple actually; all you have to do is pay attention to your health. If you wish to follow a diet plan, make sure it is set by dietitians. By doing, this number would be reduced by the end of the year.  


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