Atgumentative Essay on Income Taxation

It is argued by some that they should not be imposed tax by the government so all income can be held by them. I completely disagree with that idea and think that the most important part of government revenue is generated by taxes which citizens pay so they can provide facilities such as infrastructure, roads, electricity, and also pension funds for elderly people.

The government needs earnings in order to carry out projects which are useful for their nation. There are lots of amenities supplied by the state that citizens and even private companies cannot do themselves on their own, and these requirements need to be funded to make them real. For instance, the distribution of clean water, electricity, and even street lights demand their own cost, without any aid paid by its citizen, the government is able to fail to fund them and hence those projects just stay on paper.

Furthermore, taking care of our senior citizens, after long years of serving their country, is one of the duties that the state should deal with. The government must pay their pension fund after one point they will not be able to work resulting in provide their well-being and security. According to last research conducted by World Health Organization showed that people who aged more than sixty-five are satisfied and describing themselves as a happy person in countries which government prepared numerous facilities and retirement funds. For this reason, budget is highly crucial for state and tax payments are key factors for gain it.

To conclude, although some people hold a belief which it is their right not to share what they have earned, it is not ethical behavior that refusing to help our country by paying taxes. Besides, people pay the cost of utilities promoted by their own state, thus it is a fair price that demanding by the state. I believe that taxes should be levied on citizens and they should not avoid paying them in the future.


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