Baseball vs Softball Essay Example

Baseball vs Softball Essay Example
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

The two sports, Baseball and Softball were invented nearly 48 years apart, baseball being invented in 1839 and Softball following years later in 1887. Baseball and softball are recreational sports for both males and females of various ages but both have need sports-related skills to play. Although they share the same goal, many differences exist. While both sports are widely supported around the world baseball is superior because of the more challenging aspects of the game such as the bigger field and faster pitching.

Baseball is superior because the field is a greater challenge. The regulations for a college softball field is  two hundred and twenty-five feet from the home base to the outfield, but the regulations for a college baseball field start at  three hundred feet but may vary bigger depending on the college. Another difference between these two fields is that the baseball field is seventy percent grass and thirty percent clay, which does not encourage baseball teams to get an upper hand when it comes to outfield balls, so they have to cover more area  in less time regardless of how quickly the boys can run the bases. As Burton discusses “Baseball players have to react fast and with excellent accuracy especially when {catching} the ball,”(1). Meanwhile the skinnier and smaller softball field has thirty percent grass and seventy percent clay, allowing players not to have to run as fast and not have to cover too much area. Overall, baseball is harder because of the more challenging field. 

Baseball is harder because of the trickier pitch. The difference between the size of the ball and the speed are all variables that have to do with pitching. A legal softball is far larger than a legal baseball. A softball has to be  12.13 inches in thickness and weigh around 7.00 ounces; a baseball measures to be about 9.25 inches in width and weighs about  5.25 ounces in circumference. Softball being bigger implies that it's not going to move a huge amount in the air, but a baseball is going to be able to shift a lot in the air because of the smaller more air dynamic structure.  In college baseball the average pitch smokes past home plate between eighty-five and ninety-five miles an hour, while in softball the average is between fifty-eight and sixty-five miles an hour. As Graney stated “ I do concede that by pure pitching speed and reaction time alone, hitting a baseball is a bit more difficult than a softball,”(1).  Baseball is overall harder and superior in pitching compared to softball by having a smaller ball and having a faster pitch. 

Although both activities are commonly followed around the globe, baseball is dominant because of the more difficult features of the game, such as the wider field and quicker pitching. Baseball is superior since the field is more complex with the length and the volume of area that has to be filled. Baseball is tougher than softball because of the disparity between the size of the ball during pitching and the speed of pitches.Sport plays an important part in American society and is a platform for sharing concepts such as truth, fair play and collaboration. Baseball has had a huge impact on America as it has become to be known as the “Greatest sport in the world,”(Kolias,1).Baseball, as one of the most watched sports along with the most played among society, can't be outdone by a sport that was developed from its own rules of origin.

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